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Learn how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot and get $100 off your session with our free guide!

explore your confidence, power, and beauty

with a boudoir photoshoot
you’ll never forget

You know those thoughts swirling around in your head, telling you that a boudoir session isn't for you? Well, let's challenge that.

What if I told you that this is exactly what you need (but more importantly deserve) right now?

We get it–you might be thinking...

"I need to lose a few pounds first,"

"I'm not confident enough for something like that," or

"I wish this was a thing when I was younger, but I'm too old for a boudoir session."

But here's the thing:
you are perfect just as you are.

Your beauty is not defined by a number on a scale or the latest fad diet. It's time to embrace your uniqueness, to celebrate your body in all its glory, right here, right now. Not if, not when. Now.

Let's flip the script. Instead of focusing on what you perceive as flaws or imperfections, imagine the incredible feeling of empowerment and liberation that comes with stepping into your own skin and owning your sensuality.

You deserve to feel confident, sexy, and utterly breathtaking, just the way you are.

We help women rediscover their beauty, just the way they are, with timeless and classy boudoir photography in a luxurious, editorial style.

Our full-service, luxury boudoir photography sessions are unlike any other boudoir session in the country.

Our incredible client experience was carefully designed to make you feel beautiful, comfortable, pampered, and seen like the queen you are.

Our first four “Ice-Breaker Poses” will help you feel beautiful, comfortable, and sexy within 10 minutes. You’ll be walking around confident (and possibly topless) after that first set.

A boudoir session with TK Boudoir is unlike any other experience.

We are very hands-on–and we want you to feel like part of the family!


Most clients book directly online through the “book now” link. If you have questions and would like to chat prior to booking, our Studio Manager, Tracy, would love to schedule a consult to address any concerns you have and will make you feel completely at ease with the team!


After booking, you’ll schedule your creative consultation with your photographer (Ashley in St Louis or Madisen in Denver). This is the time to discuss your vision for your upcoming session, talk about inspiration photos, and tips on what to wear. Ashley & Madisen love getting to know you through these calls, and it also puts you at ease before coming to the studio.


The boudoir session day is all about you–prepare for the experience of a lifetime-and a newfound confidence in yourself! We start with hair and makeup. In St. Louis, our in house makeup artist, TIffany, will glam you up. In our other locations, you will be sent to a pre-approved expert makeup artist near the studio.

After hair and makeup, your photographer will look through your outfits, putting together a plan for the session. And then it’s time for the fun part! Plan to spend 1.5-3 hours with your photographer (after hair and makeup is complete), as she will continue shooting if you’re willing!


One to two days after your session, you will again meet with Tracy for a viewing and ordering session over Zoom where you’ll get to review all the photos taken and pick your favorites for your boudoir photography album. Plan to be wowed!


Turnaround time is about 3-6 weeks, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time if this is a gift. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to rediscover your beauty, just the way you are?

Prepare for your boudoir shoot

Learn exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot and get $100 off your session!

Get your Ultimate guide to preparing for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

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