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St. Louis Plus Size Boudoir Session


Ashley is a beautiful woman inside and out!

I loved working with Ashley! I was honored to have her in my boudoir photography studio in St Louis earlier this year. She is beyond sweet and beautiful inside and out. Also her bone structure and gorgeous blonde hair… heart eye emoji. Her confidence in her body, being a plus sized woman during this boudoir session, made me so happy!

STL Boudoir Photography black bra and high waisted black panties. white dress shirt. blonde hair, gorgeous brown eyes and perfect bone structure//see more at

Her boudoir outfits were on point.

Ashley’s outfits were exactly what I wanted to photograph… beautiful, simple, and fit her personality. I love the denim shirt, high wasted panties, pretty bras, and the large cozy sweater.  I love the finishing touch she brought with the glasses(without lenses) and coffee cups.  I just wish we could have had some Kaldi Coffee in those cups!  (Have you had Kaldi’s??? Oh. My. Gosh. So good).

blue denim over shirt. black bra, high waisted black panties. brown coffee cup. beautiful smile. blonde curls, brown eyes. STL boudoir plus sized photography

I wish I looked this beautiful drinking my morning coffee.

Here is what Ashley had to say of her experience with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn:

‘Working with Tracy was an amazing experience. I am my own worst critic especially when it comes to boudoir shoots, but she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked in.’

cozy cream colored sweater. brown eyes, blonde hair, chandelier lamp, cream chaise lounge. STL plus sized boudoir photography

I love huge, cozy sweaters

cream sweater, blonde hair, plus sized woman, brown eyes, pretty tan, STL boudoir plus sized photography//see more at Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//

‘She is incredible with posing you in ways that are both classy and flattering to your body type and I felt extra confident with her behind the camera. Aside from being a great photographer, she has such a sweet personality and I honestly enjoyed everything about our session…

I am in love with every single image I received from her and I truly can’t wait to work with her again!’

turquoise coffee cup, books, glasses, sunday morning, sweater on the chair, chandelier lamp, black bra, white sheets, blonde hair, brown eyes, STL plus sized boudoir photography

white sheet, black bra, black high waisted panties, blonde hair, brown eyes, chandelier lamp, white sheets, STL plus sized boudoir photography//see more at Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//

Body Positivity is my motto!

To me, she is such an inspiration to body positivity, we could all learn by her example of self love! Just check out her gorgeous shots and inspiration on Instagram.

To see another of my clients for some body positive inspirations, see Makayla’s post from a few months ago.  She will definitely give you all the feels.

high waisted black panties, green bra, diamond earrings, blonde hair, brown eyes, makeup, white sheets, plus sized boudoir photography


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