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Wedding Day Gift// St. Louis Boudoir Photography


What would your groom want most as a wedding day gift?

A flask, a watch, cuff links…. or maybe an album of you in a lot less than your wedding dress?  I am pretty sure a boudoir album would win in most, if not all, cases as a wedding day gift. Bridal boudoir albums are becoming a trend in the wedding industry with good reason. They document a time in your life when you are looking and feeling sexy.white sheets// bridal boudoir// wedding day gift// boudoir by tracy brown// st louis mo

Do all the images have to be serious/sexy?

NO!  I like to incorporate your personality into the images.  Fun flirty, sporty, comfortable and sexy can(and should be) incorporated as well.

Some of my very favorite images come from bridal boudoir images and they have NOTHING to do with bridals! I want your personality to shine through.  Your groom knows you and he wants to see you being you. That’s who he fell in love with and who he is marrying on this special day!

stl cardinals//flirty boudoir//boudoir by tracy brown

How do I give him the images?!?

There are many different ways you can go about this, but the most popular is what’s commonly known as The Little Black Book.  That’s not what I call it, but we have all heard of them.  Find out more about sessions with me here.

The best time to give him the images are the morning of the wedding when your wedding photographer is there to capture his reaction.  You won’t be there so you need to be able to see what he thinks right???

By the way, do you have a wedding photographer yet? If not check out Laura Ann Miller Photography.  ?sexy bridal boudoir//wedding day gift//st louis mo//Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//

Where do I shop?!

I am going to go in to more detail in future blog posts(probably in the next week or so), but for now, email me to request my Exclusive Session Planning Guide. 

Some places to shop are below:

Victoria’s Secret

Marie Angelique Lingerie

American Eagle and Aeri

Kiss Me Lingerie

TJ Maxx— calvins are usually priced well here

Forever 21- for body suits

Hot Topic- for Knit socks

Bridal boudoir//sexy wedding day gift//boudoir by tracy brown// stl

If you have ANY questions, contact me! I am here to help. 🙂


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