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Estetica MedSpa// Tosha Dove-Freund// Lake St. Louis Boudoir Session


What is Estetica MedSpa? And why are you talking about it???

Tosha, owner of Estetica MedSpa in Lake St. Louis, MO was recently in the studio for a boudoir session. I love her view on skincare and beauty so I really want to discuss what she does to help women!

From Estetica MedSpa’s website:

“Estetica MedSpa specializes in the art of beauty and medical aesthetics by providing the finest non-invasive cosmetic procedures available in the skincare industry. Through innovative anti-aging treatments and skin care rejuvenation, our goal is to provide unsurpassed quality of care to help each person feel and look their best. Estetica MedSpa is committed to enhancing what you already have… natural beauty.”

I LOVE that last line. Every session I photograph, I want to  bring out your natural beauty. Sometimes that means putting you in flattering poses and actually fixing your hair and doing your makeup. As career women, busy moms, or living life in general, we forget that we are beautiful.  I want to help you remember.

estetica medspa//lake st louis mo// nurse tosha// boudoir session//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Who is Tosha?!

Tosha is the leading nurse injection specialist for Estetica MedSpa.With the help of internationally known injection specialists and board certified plastic surgeons, she obtained certification in neurotoxin injections, dermal fillers, and facial enhancement. Tosha continues to advance her education and training into the areas of aesthetic and dermatology nursing. By combining her medical expertise and artistic abilities, she allows each individual the opportunity to achieve their aesthetic goals safely and realistically.

I LOVE that she is continually learning because that reminds me of myself so much.  I’ve also learned from some of the best in the photography industry. The way you trust me to make you look and feel beautiful during your session, you can trust Tosha to give you the best care imaginable during your treatment.

estetica medspa// nurse tosta// boudoir photo// lake st louis/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

How do I find out more about Estetica MedSpa???

The website is Check out specials they have going on at Estetica MedSpa as well!

white sheets// boudoir photo//estetica medusa//lake st louis mo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Boudoir is a private thing, so I am not going to share all of Tosha’s images. She did give give me permission to share a few, though. I hope you enjoyed!


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