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What to Wear for a Plus-Size Boudoir Photo Shoot


What you wear to a boudoir photo shoot holds some importance. Yet, any boudoir photographer will tell you this: once the camera is aimed and the pose is set, lingerie is not what truly matters. The session goes beyond the panties and bras; the woman baring her skin is left to shine with confidence and personality.

In this final piece in my three-part series of what to wear at a boudoir photo shoot, I focus on something different. I want to celebrate the curvier, plus-size women who want to find their confidence while shedding their clothes! These are tips on accentuating your beautiful body.

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Often, plus-size women tend to feel like they should hide their bodies. As a boudoir photographer, I am all about celebrating every shape and size a woman can have!

Whether you’re plus-size or not, it really only comes down to two main categories: comfy or sexy. (These are both topics covered in part one and part two in my series.) The bottom line is this: no matter what style you’re going for or what size you are, wear something that fits! Always make sure you get a size larger than your normal clothes size. You want it to fit loosely. In a boudoir shoot, something that fits you excellently in every day life might not translate well. In addition, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during the session. Wearing something tight will have the opposite effect in most cases.

Something specific that must be stressed to the bustier, buxom women is this: support, support, support! This is the most important tip. We want “the girls” to feel comfortably in place with sufficient support. Not to mention, those properly-supported breasts will give great cleavage to the photos. A definite naughty advantage in the shoot.

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Cozy/Comfy Styling for Curves

Refer to my first post and you can apply many of the same rules to your plus-size body. Oversized sweaters or t-shirts that fall off the shoulder give an enticing, teasing look. If you want to embellish a bit, thigh-high socks are a great addition; they can complete a head-to-toe look, still achieving the alluring “comfy” look. No matter the style you aim for, I always prefer softer colors (pastels, off-whites, nude colors,) as they offer a classier, more vulnerable look.

Another comfy look is toplessness paired with jeans or shorts. (Make sure they fit loosely, of course.) Or you can wear your most gorgeous (supportive) bra with those jeans and we will snap your beautiful body in all its glory!

plus size boudoir pink off the shoulder photo//stl//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

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plus size boudoir oversized off shoulder sweater photo/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

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Sexy Styling for Your Body

Part two in my series was about dressing more sexily, and, again, you can follow most of the same guidelines while being plus-size. Every woman should get in touch with their risqué side every now and again. Boudoir photography will draw out your naughtier self, while still keeping things classy. I suggest all women, curvy or not, to wear lacy panties. Lace is timeless, sensual and always sexy. For the panties I suggest a “cheeky” shape. The lighting in my studio will shine perfectly on your booty in that type of panty!

You are certainly not limited to the oversized clothes with panties in a plus-size boudoir photography session. I love how voluptuous women are able to rock different types of lingerie! An example of what would flatter more curvaceous women is a lacy bodysuit. You can get these in lace or cotton– both translate well on camera. If you want to wear a two-piece set, wear high-waisted cheeky panties with a matching bra.
If you need help in finding something great to wear to your plus-size boudoir session, or for anyone’s needs, check out Torrid.

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In Your Own Skin

Why not embrace your body to the fullest? Implied nudity does just this. Nothing will be more empowering than to shed to near-nakedness. With this lack of attire, you will cover the private bits with creative posing I will help you with. You’ll feel scandalous if covering your body with a thin bed sheet; you’ll give a come-hither look in your eyes if you’re posing on the floor. Any implied nudity look will give a most desirable effect in such a shoot. No matter what you are (not) wearing, posing will be everything. We will pose you strategically and make sure you feel as sexy as you truly are!

plus size boudoir covering with sheet photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at plus size boudoir lying on bed photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

If I could scream it from the rooftops, I would– EVERY body type deserves to be celebrated, rejoiced over, and embraced. Too often, women feel bad for how short, tall, thin, curvy, or different they are. This is what makes boudoir photography so different. It reminds the client that they are strong, gorgeous, and desirable! Check out my previous post with fierce, plus-size women that I got to photograph.

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