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Why a Boudoir Session is the Perfect Christmas Gift//STL


How is it almost autumn already? Time is flying by and before you know it, it will be Christmas. So now’s the time to start thinking about getting the perfect Christmas gift– but what to get your guy? Instead of spending hours scouring the internet for the perfect, romantic gift, consider a boudoir session. There’s still time to schedule one and I’ll tell you why a boudoir session is the perfect gift for Christmas.

Why a Boudoir Session for Christmas

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It’s a gift for you and for him!

Who says pampering yourself is a bad thing? Exactly, no one! You get a day all about you full of blissful pampering with hair and makeup, mimosas, and feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world. And I think you’ve earned yourself some quality girl time– and you can get even more girl time if you book a session with a friend and make it a girls’ day out! Most importantly, once the session is over, you leave with a renewed appreciation of yourself and see yourself for the sexy, beautiful woman that you are. I love watching my clients strutting confidently and feeling empowered and gorgeous after a boudoir session.

Not only will you feel amazing, but he will also get a thoughtful gift and a well-planned surprise! Because, really, he can order that shirt online or at the mall anytime. A boudoir session is not quite as predictable as a bottle of cologne!

And if you’re looking for a gift that will outlast that bottle of cologne, look no further. Your husband will have an enduring souvenir of your beauty, captured in this very moment in time.  Imagine giving your husband a gift that he can look back on many years from now. When you are both old and gray, he will still have your thoughtful and timeless gift.

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You get new clothes!

You get to go shopping for cute new clothes, and maybe even some new lingerie. And now you have the perfect opportunity to get some cute new sweaters. An oversized sweater can be sexy and perfect. And to complement your new sweater? Those adorable knit socks that you’ve been wanting, like these super cute ones from aerie. Get some more inspiration from other boudoir sessions here and then get to shopping!

And new shoes!

Let’s not forget the shoes! You finally have an excuse to buy those really sexy heels you have been eyeing. What’s a better excuse for sexy heels than a sexy boudoir session?

It’s something he probably won’t expect

Do you find yourself getting your man the same thing every year? I do too– no worries. This is something that he won’t expect and believe me, he will be pleasantly surprised and excited! Sexy surprises are the best kind of surprise.

Are you convinced yet?  Contact me today to book your Christmas boudoir session at

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