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5 Things about Your Boudoir Session/ STL


So you are interested in taking the leap and booking your first boudoir session. Maybe you’ve seen some great boudoir sessions and you’re starting to envision yourself in the studio looking stunning and sexy. But you may have a few questions before getting started. I’m here to tell you that a boudoir sessions is worry-free and FUN and address 5 questions you may have wondered about your boudoir session.

Five things you may have wondered about your boudoir session–

1. Hair and makeup– Who does it how long does it take? How will she know my style?

My makeup artists are AMAZING. You can tell them what you are wanting and they will deliver! If you want, you can check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration to get you started. And I really recommend loose waves for hair. It screams sexy bedroom hair and that’s what we are going for here. You will get your hair and makeup styled up exactly as you want it in my studio before we start your photoshoot.

white crop top// hair and makeup//boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

2. Who else will be there during the session?

Just me, the makeup artist and you. You can also bring a friend if you’d like, or book a session together and make it a girls’ day out! Occasionally I will have my next client in hair and makeup while we are shooting your session, but it’s no boys allowed in the studio!

tan fedora//implied nude//boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at louis

3. Do I need to research poses for the session?

Nope! I have you covered here. I will pose you from head to toes, including your hair. I am bossy when it comes to posing, so be prepared to be sore the day after your session from arching your back and pointing your toes! Consider your boudoir shoot as your workout of the day. I promise it will pay off and you will look like your best, sexiest self!

scarf/ black knee high socks/ victoria secret underwear/ chaise lounge/ loft apartment/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

4. How many outfits should I bring?

Depending on your session, 3,4, or 6. But I would recommend bringing more, simply because some outfits may photograph better than others! More is always better and then we can pare down from there if we need to. Check out my what to wear blog series for some ideas and inspiration!
Part 1– Comfy
Part 2 – Sexy
Part 3 – Plus Size

denim shirt/ coffee cup/ loft window/ natural light/ plus size boudoir photo/ curvey boudoir outfit/ blonde hair/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at stl

5. Will I be nervous?

Understandably, first being in the studio, you may be a little nervous but the nerves will wear off quickly, especially with the help of a mimosa! After the first outfit, most girls are feeling their sexiest and ready to rock the next outfit– once that mimosa kicks in and once you realize how amazing you look! It is easy to get comfortable in front of the camera when you have makeup and hair done and are feeling gorgeous and sexy! And I will show you some photos as we go along so you can know for sure that the images are looking great!

Still have more questions? Click here for more FAQ.

So set your worries aside go ahead and click here to contact me and book your session today! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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