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A Holiday Reflection– Reason for the Season


Reason for the Season

I don’t know about you but this holiday season and blown by. It’s been a whirlwind of wrapping up this fiscal year as well as wrapping those gifts. It’s so easy to get wrapped (pun intended) up in the chaos and anticipation of it all that sometimes I find it hard to just slow down to appreciate and enjoy the reason for the season. This is why I’m taking a moment to pause and reflect on this Christmas season.

Living in the Moment

This time can definitely be stressful but I hope you can take time to breathe, relax, and revel in the lovely yet fleeting moments with your family and friends. I so often feel a pressure to be “on the go” to find gifts, get them packaged just so, and do all the other things on my list. But when it comes to Christmas or whatever brings you with your family, it is just so rewarding to slow down to enjoy your company. I know this probably sounds very yogic but lean into the moment to be present. Try to let the peripheral happenings of work, stress, etcetera stay peripheral– you can pick it back up after the holidays.

Having fun in the Moment

While spending time with family is my favorite part of this season, be sure to enjoy the other joys of Christmas and winter time! Those Dirty Santa and White Elephant games only come around once a year– have fun with them! And be sure to enjoy any fancy holidays parties and let’s not forget about those special gingerbread lattes that you can only get now! While it feels like it’s getting dark at 3pm and winter can feel a little blah, it’s a time of celebration and can be really fun if you let it!

My family during the holidays// A reflection on the season// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at Louis

Capturing the Moment

While I hope you are fully enjoying the moment, don’t forget to snap some photos! They don’t have to be fancy– just whip out your trusty film camera or iphone! You can get some great photography tips for the holidays from my blog post here. While I try not to be constantly taking photos, I’m so grateful for the photos I have of my family, especially of my grandpa who left us earlier this year.

Be sure to capture the special moments during the holidays// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL

So this holiday season, grab your loved ones, give them a big squeeze and live in the moment. I hope you enjoy your holidays with your loved ones and fill up your cup with all the positive and happy feelings to fuel you for your 2018!

Don't forget the reason for the season– A candid with my family at dinner// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL


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