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5 Spring Break Family Vacation Destinations


Spring Break is right around the corner. St. Louis, MO school vacations start mid-March.  Most family vacations are already scheduled, I’m sure. I wanted to research some cool places for clients, anyway. After some research, I’ve created the list below of my top 5 family vacation destinations for Spring Break.

For the moms out there,  I know you have a lot going on right now. You deserve to be pampered.  Check out this blog post about how boudoir sessions can boost your confidence after you read through this article 😉

chincoteague island// assateague beach//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at St. Louis, MO

Top 5 Spring Break Family Vacation Destinations

You will find pros and cons for these vacation destinations in this list below. 🙂  Have you been to any of these places? Let me know!

Disney World

Walt Disney World// Orlando, FL/family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at St. Louis, MO

I personally have never been to Disney, but it is on my bucket list to go as an adult! Fun, sun, beautiful weather, food, rides, what could be better?


For starters, there is a super cheap flight to Orlando from STL through Frontier Airlines, like really cheap.  I flew there in December for $150 ROUND TRIP including taxes AND bags.

Disney World has tons to do. No one in the family should be bored the entire time.  You may need a vacay from your vacay when you get home (maybe in the form of a boudoir session for you 😉 )

If you have time, be sure to take a day to visit SeaWorld!


First of all, Disney is rather expensive. I think we have all heard about how expensive it is.  From what I can tell and what I have heard however, it is WORTH it the cost.

It will be busy.  I have some local Orlando friends who say when kids are out of school, the park is crazy busy.  But it’s an experience worth the expense. And if you go in with the expectations that it to be busy, you won’t even think twice about it.

San Diego, CA

San Diego, Ca//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at St. Louis, MO

On the other side of the country is Disney Land, SeaWorld, the Pacific Ocean, Dolphin Cruises, sea lions.   I had a blast in San Diego last summer. I am so ready to get back there!


There’s lots and lots to do at this vacation destination! You can try SeaWorld San Diego, go see the Pacific ocean, eat great food, go dolphin and whale watching, and see sea lions in the wild. Take a day trip to Los Angeles if you have time!


The plane ticket may be a bit expensive and the flight is pretty long. Hotels are also somewhat pricey in some areas and driving can be crazy at certain times of the day!

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Chincoteague Island, VA// Assateague Island, VA//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn// St. Louis, MO//see more at

This is my personal favorite.  I have been three times and am ready to go back.    This small island just south of Maryland on the outer banks of Virginia, is the cutest island ever!  Also, check out the book Misty of Chincoteague on Kindle or purchase the book here. I read this book when I was about 10 years old and fell in love with the entire island.


Chincoteague Island is one of the more inexpensive destinations! It doesn’t have any chain restaurants, beach stores, or anything you would find at other Island vacation hotspots. This island makes up for it in things to do.

Wild Ponies of Assateague Island//Chincoteague Island, VA// Assateague Island, VA//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at St. Louis, MO

There are even wild ponies on Assateague Island (connected to Chincoteague). Sometimes you can literally be on the beach and the ponies will be hanging out there as well!  The ice cream shops are amazing, the food is good, and they have some really neat BBQ restaurants/food trucks with games for kids.

It’s about 2 hours outside of Washington D.C. Take a day to see D.C. while you’re out that way.


Honestly, the only real con that I have noticed is that it’s pretty far.  It was a 14 hour trip for us. Flights are a bit expensive– however, it will save 2 extra travel days. Time is money after all!

Expect chillier weather for spring break. It’s more north along the Atlantic Ocean.  Maybe save this for summer!


I personally haven’t experienced Chicago like I should for someone FROM Illinois. It’s on my list of vacation destinations for this year. Expect a report back to you once I experience it. 🙂

Chicago, IL// Navy Pier//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//see more at St. Louis, MO


Chicago is pretty close, just a five hour train ride from St. Louis.  There also seems to be a ton to do, from Navy Pier to Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, the Planetarium.  Thankfully, the kids will never be bored!


First, Chicago style pizza is the exact opposite of STL style pizza. St. Louis natives may not love it. You should try it.  But if that’s the worst thing about Chicago, I think you’ll survive.

Next, they are home of the Cubs.  Cardinals fans can ignore that section of town, right? Just steer clear of Wrigleyville.

In all seriousness, traffic and hotel expense will be the worst thing you have to deal with. But if you stay in the city and use the ‘L’ trains, you won’t have to deal with the notorious traffic.


You didn’t think I would leave Branson out did you?  I may not personally be a fan. Midwesterners have to experience it at least once. P.s.  The photo below is not the actual Ferris wheel in Branson. FYI that one is more terrifying.  Not safety wise, but it is huge!

Missouri Family Vacation Destinations// Branson, MO//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//see more at St. Louis, MO


Since Branson is about a 3.5 hour drive from St. Louis, it’s a great weekend getaway if the kid’s spring break isn’t super long. The city is especially kid friendly.  They have Silver Dollar City, the Dixie Stampede, shows, shows, and more shows.  Additionally, there’s a kids park with bumper cars, boats, the ferris wheel, mini golf and more. Also in Branson you’ll find the Titanic exhibit, the wax museum, outdoor malls, and so many restaurants.  However, if that isn’t your scene, Big Cedar lodge is beautiful!


Like every other destination in this blog post, I think that the worst thing about Branson is the expense and especially traffic in town. Everyone will be there since most spring breaks are right around the same time.

Where are you going?

Where are you going for your vacation destinations this year? I would love to know! Traveling is one of my favorite things and always love to hear about new places I may want to see. 🙂

Be sure to check out this last post about confidence boosting (which I mentioned at the beginning of the article.  Moms deserve some love and pampering, too.





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