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Anniversary Gift//Boudoir Photos


Heads up, I am biased on which years are the best years to gift a boudoir album, so obviously I’m concentrating on those years.  Boudoir photography is what I do, you know. The actual anniversary gift list by year is at the end of this blog article though. 🙂

The First Year

Paper is the traditional first year gift.  Obviously, I consider this the perfect time to give the boudoir album! A few of my clients, who don’t end up booking the session for their wedding gift, actually book a session shortly after their wedding.  They are still in the best shape of their life, so they can remember their rocking body, plus the album will be sure to be done for their first anniversary!

I also want to take a second and talk about one of my albums, The Milan. A few of you may have seen me unbox this on my intastory. This album is super customizable, from the box, to the interior of the box and the cover of the album.  I specifically love that we can write a little note on the cover.  Most clients choose “Love, their name,” but you can customize it however you choose.

The Milan album//boudoir albums//boudoir photography album//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at The Milan album//boudoir albums//boudoir photography album//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at The Milan album//boudoir albums//boudoir photography album//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Third Year

Leather. Based on the traditional anniversary gift list, this would also be the opportune time to give a boudoir album. Most of my album cover options are leather, or they can be upgraded to leather, which makes it the perfect third year gift.

tan crop top sweater//cream lace panties//ankle booties//white fur rug//cream chaise lounge// St. Louis, MO loft//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Fifth Year

Wood. This is the perfect time for a wall portrait!  We all know how I feel about boudoir wall portraits.  I think that you, and everyone really, deserve to memorialize your beautiful selves on your walls. My clients who have booked consults know all about my wall portrait collections- the Peek-a-boo collection.  See an example below.

Boudoir wall portraits can be as revealing or as covered as you want. Many of my clients have children, so I do understand that the images on the wall need to be classy. Honestly though, I strive to make sure all of my work is classy so that isn’t really an issue. I think this image would make a perfect wall portrait in anyone’s home though! What do you think?

implied nude// champagne and strawberries//anniversary gift idea//boudoir photo//knee high boots//white fur rug//miss vi ho//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Tenth Year

Tin/Aluminum.  Okay. This is where I veer away from the traditional.  What do you get that’s tin/aluminum anyway?  I personally think the tenth year anniversary is the perfect time to go all out and get him something he will really appreciate.  Combine the first, third, and fifth year presents and get an album and wall portrait. He will love this plus it’s a gift of self love!  P.S. the modern recommended ten year gift is diamonds, so be sure to drop that hint throughout the year for him!

cream sweater/ knee high boots//plus size model//ombre hair//boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fifteenth Years

Silk. Lace. Crystal. You should expect lots of lingerie and jewelry between the tenth and fifteenth anniversary, if he is following tradition.  All three of these make GORGEOUS accessories for boudoir sessions, so this is the perfect time to show off that beautiful anniversary gift he bought.  We all know he will love the results!

Another possibility is to use everything he gave you from the twelfth, thirteenth, and fifteenth years and use it in the fifteenth anniversary boudoir album.

lavender hair//gray knee high socks//gray body suit//sock cap//cream chaise lounge// St. Louis, MO loft//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Anniversary Gift List by Year

Below is the actual traditional anniversary gift list by year.  I skipped around above with my thoughts as it applies to boudoir sessions, but wanted to be sure to include the actual list. One important thing I noticed while researching is that everyone has different takes on what the modern version of each could include.  At first I thought I would include the modern version, but decided to let you come to your own conclusion.  I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts though!  What anniversary do you think is the best time to give the boudoir album?

  • First: Paper
  • Second: Cotton
  • Third: Leather
  • Fourth: Fruit/Flowers
  • Fifth: Wood
  • Sixth: Candy/iron
  • Seventh: Wool/copper
  • Eighth: Bronze/ Pottery
  • Ninth: Pottery/Willow
  • Tenth: Tin/aluminum
  • Eleventh: Steel  New car?
  • Twelfth: Silk/linen
  • Thirteenth: Lace
  • Fourteenth: Ivory
  • Fifteenth: Crystal
  • Twentieth: China
  • Twenty-fifth: Silver
  • Thirtieth: Pearl
  • Fortieth: Ruby
  • Fiftieth: Gold
  • Sixtieth: Diamondanniversary gift//traditional anniversary gift by year//photo by see more about anniversary gifts at

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