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Girl’s Day Out// St. Louis, MO


Recently, I have had several clients booking boudoir sessions as a girl’s day out activity.  You get to hang out with your best friends, drink mimosas, be pampered with hair and makeup, and have some beautiful photos and memories!

A Boudoir Session May be the Best Girl’s Day Out Idea

Life is stressful between work and your daily responsibilities! What better way to relax a little than to treat yourself with a session to feel beautiful while hanging out with your best friends.  After the sessions, you can have a night out in downtown St. Louis.  You will have your hair and makeup done(by the fabulous Blowout Bar STL) after all!

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Bachelorette Parties

Another great reason for a Girl’s Day Out Session are Bachelorette parties.  For these, I would choose a few of the bride’s best friends. Meet the rest of the group later that night for the rest of the party! This way the bride gets the best possible session AND will be able to create an amazing groom’s gift at the same time!


How do they work?

For typical sessions, hair and makeup takes place at the Blowout Bar’s salon on Washington Avenue, right down the street from my studio.  For Girl’s Day Out sessions, my hair and makeup comes to the studio so everyone can hang out and enjoy each other’s company!

I recommend the 1.5 hour session for each session, which each girl pays separately. There is a max limit of 3 clients for these session due to studio light during the day and we usually start hair and makeup at 10am.  One week later, all three of you will come back to the studio for the ordering session to pick out your beautiful album!

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How to book?

This is the easy part! Just email me at 🙂

Can you use this with the Black Friday Sale?

OF COURSE!  And that is coming up in a week.  Visit this link to find out how to book your Black Friday session.

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