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A Real Maternity Boudoir Session– Megan/ St Louis


What I love about my job is helping my clients celebrate themselves and their bodies. It can be so difficult for women to appreciate their bodies and all the wonderful things it can do. While I love working behind the camera, what I really love is bringing helping my clients realize their beauty, just as they are! This is why today I’m writing about my recent maternity boudoir session with Megan. Yes ladies, you CAN get a maternity boudoir session in St Louis!

Maternity Boudoir Session

When you think about it, pregnancy is really beautiful–though pregnant women may not feel especially beautiful. Women are only pregnant at certain times in their lives. This is not an everyday occurrence, which is why my maternity boudoir session with Megan was so amazing! We could capture this special moment in time and shed a gorgeous light on pregnancy– though pregnancy may not always feel so glamorous. Beautiful belly and all, we captured some ethereal shots with her long, flowy red hair and equally flowy gowns.

st louis skyline/ maternity boudoir session/ high heels/ st louis arch/ maternity photography session/ maternity photo/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Megan’s Second Session

Megan was part of my first Girls Day Out shoot this past spring partying in the studio, bachelorette style! Shortly afterwards, she found out some exciting news. Low and behold, they were expecting a little girl! Megan is one of fitness guru Gillian Becker’s girls. Megan works out regularly with– EVEN WHILE PREGNANT. If only I had that much drive for working out.

black lace/ maternity boudoir photo/ long red hair/ simple boudoir photo/ maternity photography/ stl/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Megan was kind enough to come to the studio for a maternity boudoir shoot! She has such gorgeous red hair, exquisite skin and bone structure– not to mention, the CUTEST pregnant belly! We caught a glimpse of pregnancy that is so fleeting, which is why I love photography, especially maternity sessions.

red hair/ maternity boudoir/ boudoir photo/ maternity photography/ st louis mo/ belly bump photo/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Book Your Maternity Session!

Ladies, make it extra special by having this time in your life photographed. With hair, makeup, the right outfits, which I can help you plan ahead of time, you can truly revel in this special moment of your life! Some clients even opt to make this a couple’s maternity boudoir session. I can’t post these images publicly– if you are interested, email me for more information.

nude maternity dress/ belly bump/ baby bump/ long red hair/ boudoir photo/ maternity boudoir photography/ st louis/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at


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