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STL Wedding: The Perfect Groom’s Gift


Boudoir photography is trending in the STL wedding scene yet many people aren’t exactly sure what boudoir photography is. It’s is essentially all about you, feeling and looking stunning and sexy while cultivating some fierce confidence!

While boudoir is really whatever you want it to be, bridal boudoir is for brides who want photographs of themselves in lingerie for their groom at what will most likely be the time at which you are your most beautiful and glamorous.

Albums are the usual way to gift the photos and grooms love this.

Once you decide that bridal boudoir is for you, here are a few tips and tricks that will get you the best boudoir photos for your STL wedding gift for your groom. 

Prepping for your STL wedding bridal boudoir session

As far as when to schedule your bridal boudoir session, I advise that brides book their session about 2-3 months prior to your wedding at the latest. This not only gives plenty of time for retouching and ordering the album, but it will also ensure that your album is delivered and ready for your groom come your big day.

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What to wear

For your boudoir outfits, bring more than enough along with you. Along with quintessential bridal look of the white lace bra and panty set, bring along a white bodysuit- really gorgeous and on-trend.

A slightly more subtle but sexy outfit that brides love is a cute sweater paired with lace underwear and tall knit socks. Be sure to also bring something that is sentimental and unique to your man with an added feminine twist, perhaps his button-down oxford paired with black lace lingerie.

There are so many different combinations that can look amazing; just make sure that you go one size up so everything lays perfectly and nothing is too snug. You can find more information on fitting your outfits here.

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Accessories for your STL wedding groom’s gift

Accessories are a really fun way to glam up your boudoir photos. Definitely bring along your engagement ring and maybe even your veil to add to one of your outfits.

You may want to bring in a sentimental necklace for some of the shots. I would recommend taking off your necklace for lying down poses though.

Finally, my favorite accessory, bring along your highest of high heels as they’ll lengthen your legs to get you the best shots!

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Prepping for your session

Now that you know what to bring along, here’s some advice on what to do beforehand to really shine during your session.

Starting one week before your session, be sure that you are exfoliating as smooth, pretty skin is very important in boudoir photos.

Speaking of skin, if you are a waxer, go several days to a week before your session to avoid bumpy, irritated skin.

Also, one week prior, be sure your hair is photo-ready with a fresh trim. Don’t do anything drastic though. You look and feel your best when you look like yourself! 

The 24 hours before your session, go ahead and get that last spray tan. I only recommend this for brides who have tested spray tanning before though.

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The morning of your session

The morning of your session, be sure to drink a lot of water and eat a light breakfast or lunch so that you have the energy for those beautiful poses. Be sure to shower to wash off any excess spray tan to get your tan looking perfect and natural.

Come to your session with a clean face and hair and loose clothing to avoid any indentations on your skin.

Last but not least, be sure to bring your outfits and accessories!

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While photos are retouched before delivery, we want to feature your best self and doing this little bit of prep will make all the difference! Plus the prep makes sure you look and feel your best! 


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