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Hair and Makeup for your Boudoir Session


Some women are great at doing their own hair and makeup.

Then, there are women like me.

I rarely wear makeup, and I just recently learned how to curl my hair.

Beachwaver is a lifesaver, by the way. I cannot twist my wrist to make a curl. This thing does the twisting for you.

There’s a huge difference, though, in doing your hair and makeup for day to day life and doing it for photos.  Cameras pick up every imperfection you have, so great makeup and good coverage is important. It’s also important to contour well so your best features are shown.

Hair and makeup can make or break your boudoir session. This is why I include it as part of the session fee.  The hair and makeup artists I hire are AMAZING at what they do because they have been specially trained for hair and makeup for photography.

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Why include hair and makeup in the session?

The main reason I include hair and makeup in the session is that it relaxes you.  You feel pampered and special while the makeup artist is doing your makeup. By the time she is done, you feel beautiful and are ready to rock your session.

My makeup artists know exactly how and what I need them to highlight to bring out your best features in your photos.  They are specially trained to apply makeup specifically for photography and their skills coincide with my photography vision so well.

Natural Makeup while still highlighting your features

The big thing to remember is that when you leave the salon, you are going to feel like you are wearing a ton of makeup, which you are.  Your boudoir photos are not going to show that you are wearing a lot though.  The camera won’t pick that up. They will look very natural and beautiful!

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How should you wear your hair?

I think natural is best here, but this is totally up to you. If you go to the salon not knowing what you really want, the girls will do a soft wave, which looks great.  I have also had a few girls go in asking for second-day curls.  This is probably my favorite.  It’s so natural and messy and very fitting for boudoir!

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Starting the session with professional hair and makeup will set the tone for the rest of the session. You will feel beautiful, sexy, confident, and ready to rock your session

Put your trust into my girls, Tiffany, so you can get the entire session experience.  I promise the results and experience is worth it!

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