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Columbia Boudoir Session

St. Louis boudoir photography

The cool thing about traveling all year is seeing every single thing honestly.  I love this life I get to live and being with my boyfriend 24/7, but the downside is I kinda miss photographing my gorgeous clients more often. Turns out I love my job. Who knew? JK. Right now, we’re actually in Central Missouri, pretty close to STL actually, but I decided to offer a few clients a Columbia boudoir session, just in time for Christmas.

Columbia boudoir photography// traveling Boudoir Photographer// Black Scarf//black lace panty//black high heel pumps//white fur rug/cream chaise lounge//See more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

Columbia, Missouri

Before we actually got here, I’d spent about a total of 6 hours in Columbia, all of which had been at the indoor arena at a rodeo, in the middle of winter, freezing cold. But it turns out, Columbia is a pretty nice town.  Nothing against Southern OK, I loved being near Dallas, but I was getting a bit bored. The coffee shops weren’t close and the internet was spotty, both are pretty necessary for an online business owner if you were curious.

I love the fact that there’re stores nearby. I’ve finished decorating the camper mostly, except for a few little things I’m up in the air about on Etsy. Here’s my favorite area.

.Blog: columbia boudoir session// camper decor//jayco northpoint fifth wheel

By the way, follow me on Instagram if you want to see more about our travels, what/how we cook in a fifth wheel, etc.

Hobby Lobby has been taking a lot of our money lately.

And Starbucks…..

Columbia boudoir photography// traveling Boudoir Photographer// implied nude//brown lace panty//black high heel pumps//See more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

Columbia Boudoir Session

Anyway, back to the topic.

Because I kinda miss photographing sessions more often, but I’m not willing to give up full time RV life, I thought it would be a great compromise to start offering boudoir sessions in whatever area we’re in at the time.

Columbia, MO you’re up first.

The Details

Back in STL, I have a studio downtown. It’s BEAUTIFUL.  For traveling sessions, they will be in a  hotel, AirBnB or a photography studio rental. No matter what, the cost won’t be on the client, so don’t worry.

The studio space will also be vetted for the safety of myself, the hair and makeup artist, AND the client.

Speaking of hair and makeup, it’s included as well in all session offerings. No it won’t be Kendra, I know we all know and love her, but I will make sure HMUA is amazing.  I’m very picky.

After the Columbia boudoir session, we will meet online via video chat so you can decide on your album. It’s super simple and how all of my ordering sessions go.

Columbia boudoir photography// traveling Boudoir Photographer// white bodysuit//laying in bed pose//See more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

How do you book your Columbia Boudoir Session??

It’s super easy. Here’s my calendar. Scroll down to traveling session, choose the date that works best for you and which session you would prefer, and I’ll take care of the rest!

If you’d like to schedule a consult first, I’m totally happy with that. Here’s that link. I love meeting clients prior to their session. It puts you at ease, plus we can throughly plan your session.

If you’re wondering how to prep or what to wear, be sure to download this guide. It has so much detail about a session with me.

Columbia boudoir photography// traveling Boudoir Photographer// hunter green bodysuit//chaise lounge//See more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

I’m so excited!

I’m really excited to offer sessions to clients in the areas we are traveling to. It gets me out of the camper and I get to create art in new areas. Win, win.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me. I’m pretty quick to get back to you!


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