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Holiday Healthy Eating Tips


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the holiday season which means lots of fun, family and friend time, and delicious food. While it’s such a great time of year, it can admittedly be a bit stressful. Maybe we have decent habits throughout the year that all seem to come to a screeching halt as soon as the mashed potatoes come out or that decadent cheeseball and crackers come in plain sight. This is exactly why I want to share with you some holiday healthy eating tips from local expert, Gillian Becker.

More About Gillian Becker

Gillian Becker is a registered nurse, certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist with a passion for transforming men’s and women’s bodies and empowering them through healthy lifestyle changes! She is the lead trainer at, the world’s first weightless and support system for moms! She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years as a bikini competitor and fitness model and is a sponsored athlete with 1st Phorm International, House Of Pain Apparel, and Toxic Angelz Bikinis.

Grey Crop Top Comfy Long Sleeve, White Lace Thong/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Gillian’s Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

There are so many things I love about Gillian. She understands how bodies work and is all about helping you be strong, healthy, and feeling your best. I also love that she’s realistic– it’s not about starving yourself– you deserve to eat foods you love while respecting your health and your body. Here is some excellent advice for how to handle the holidays without stressing out.

Before the Party

  • Exercise the day of your event.
  • Bring a healthy dish with you to serve to guests at your holiday parties (fresh veggie platter, large mixed green salad, Cauliflower Fauxtatoes).
  • Eat a high protein snack with a small portion of fat and carbs before your event so that you don’t overeat when you get there. A good pre-party snack is a handful of almonds and a serving of nonfat Greek yogurt.

At the Party

  • Choose a smaller plate at the buffet tables at holiday events.
  • For every alcoholic beverage that you drink, drink one large glass of ice water.

Gillian Becker wearing thigh high black knit socks, black panties to match, and a long sleeve scoop neck crop grey sweater//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St Louis

You can still indulge…a little

    • Don’t fret over enjoying your favorite holiday indulgences but keep your portion size small. Remind yourself that it’s just as satisfying to have a few bites of your favorite holiday foods rather a large plateful.
    • Be a food snob! Don’t feel that it is your responsibility to sample every item at the Christmas buffet table. Enjoy small portions of the foods you truly enjoy and skip those that don’t appeal or that you can live without.
    • Remember that holiday events are all about the company you share the season with, not the food☺

Gillian Becker in a deep red mesh and lace bodysuit // photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL

The Next Day

      • Get back on track the day after your holiday event. Start the day with a green smoothie (handful of fresh spinach, handful of fresh Kale, juice of one lemon, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein, 1 pear, 2 tbsp nonfat Greek yogurt, filtered water).

For More Inspiration

You can still enjoy yourself without feeling guilty or totally derailing your body. And you’ll feel better! If you’re interested in connecting with Gillian, email her at And for more advice, check out her Instagram.

Now that you’re ready to enjoy the holidays and you’re feeling your best self, email me today at to secure your spot in my books for your holiday boudoir session!

Gillian Becker in a mesh and lace white bodysuit with a high neckline //photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St Louis

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