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Boudoir Session Heels Specific Recommendations

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During the pre-session consultation, so many of my clients ask about boudoir session heels. Will what they currently have work? Should they go buy new shoes? How about these boots?

Well, to answer that question, I have a few specific rules and I wanted to touch on those rules in this blog post today. You can also check out these articles as well because they have a ton of information regarding what to wear for your upcoming boudoir session as well. Or just download my free guide. Here’s that link.

Boudoir Session Heels Specific Recommendations

After photographing well over 500 sessions in the past three years (not including the sessions prior to moving to STL) , I have figured out what exactly makes a great pair of boudoir session heels. They not only need to be sexy, but they need to be exactly right for the person wearing the shoes as well. A pair of ankle boots may not work for one woman, but would look great on another woman. Thigh high boots may look amazing on one pair of legs. On another woman, though, they make her legs look shorter than they really are.

So here are my rules.

  1. Pumps look great on everyone. They stretch out your feet and give you extra inches between the ankle and the toe to make your legs look so long.
  2. Strappy pumps are even better. The dainty strap look so classy.
  3. Ankle boots are great if you have long legs already. Otherwise, they can make your legs look shorter. Also, make sure they are roomy at the ankle, not tight.
  4. Thigh high boots are sexy, but they can also make your legs look shorter if you’re already on the shorter side.
  5. The actual heel of the shoe needs to be at minimum 4 inches.  Can’t walk in heels that high? Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk. 🙂

Nude boudoir session ankle boots// Bridal boudoir photo//tan crop top sweater//cream thong panty//Nuetral set//laying on floor pose// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Where should you shop?

So where should you shop?? Anywhere honestly, but I’m a lazy shopper and I love Amazon. Here are a few options from there.

I love the  black pumps without a platform. I think they are super classy. These are a strappy version of the black pumps.

I really love these ankle boots.

As for thigh high boots, check these out if you just really want to add a pair to your closet. But I am not promising we will actually use them! Thigh high boots are really hit or miss.

Some other options for shoes

You could also go more causal with converse or even some thigh high knit socks. Both are a hit with clients and their significant others! With both you are able to stitch your toes out which lengthen your legs and make for beautiful images.  Plus who doesn’t need another pair of comfy shoes.

casual boudoir photo//converse shoes//white off the shoulder shirt//black bra//sitting on floor pose//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

And if you haven’t ever worn the thigh high knit socks, after you try them, you won’t want to take them off! I have a pair I sleep in now.


So, it’s important to think about the length of your legs when you are choosing your boudoir session heels. You want shoes that not only stretch your legs out, but also help them to look longer.  If you’re on the shorter side, stay safe and go with pumps. If you have long legs though, you can most likely pull off a pair of ankle or thigh high boots.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s give you a great reason to show off your new heels! Click here to book your boudoir session with me!



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