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Learn how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot and get $100 off your session with our free guide!

Saint Louis Wedding Planning


Do you have a wedding coming up in 2020? Well, congratulations! This is such an exciting time in your life. My biggest recommendation is don’t stress out and take some time to really enjoy the moments, from picking out your Saint Louis Wedding Venue to picking out a dress and all the little details in between.

But what I want to talk to you about is how and when you should plan your boudoir session.

Saint Louis Wedding Boudoir Session

I have a lot of brides who want to wait until the very last minute to book their bridal boudoir session. To be honest, I can typically still make it happen. But do you really want to rush those last few weeks before your wedding when you’re already going to be doing all of the last minute things anyway?

The brides usually have logical reasons to wait for their session. Their reasons are things like wedding diet and workouts, bachelorette trips, wedding shower and believe me, I understand all of those things. I still recommend having your session photographed about 3-4 months prior to your wedding to avoid the stress for yourself. That also gives me time to make sure everything about your album is perfect.

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Prevent stressing about your session

Another way to prevent stressing about your session is preparing well. I have a ton of recommendations, but you can also download my Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Boudoir Session here. This guide is jam packed with information. There’s an in-depth overview of the session experience, to tips on how to prep for your session, and outfit recommendations. There are even ideas on how to gift him the album at your Saint Louis wedding.

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Give yourself the time to enjoy the entire wedding planning process. It seems stressful in the moment, but it’s not something you experience twice.

And prepare well for your Saint Louis wedding bridal boudoir session. A boudoir session is not something you do everyday, so let’s make it perfect!

I’d love to get to know you and hear about your upcoming wedding! Book a consultation here.


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Prepare for your boudoir shoot

Learn exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot and get $100 off your session!

Get your Ultimate guide to preparing for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

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