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Learn how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot and get $100 off your session with our free guide!

Saint Louis Makeup Artist//Glam by Kendra

Saint Louis Makeup Artist//Photo by Glam by Kendra// See more at

If you aren’t an expert at hair and makeup for photography, it’s not something I would recommend you try for a boudoir session. Or any other type of photo session really. My go to Saint Louis Makeup Artist is Glam by Kendra.

Let’s talk about makeup for photography, why it’s important to have an expert, and how you can prep for makeup(and hair) the day of your session.

The difference between makeup for everyday and for photography

A camera will wipe away over half of the makeup you have on. You read that right. Half of the makeup. This is why you always feel like you’re wearing a ton of makeup during a photo session. More makeup is necessary in order to actually cover blemishes, smooth your face, and show up in camera.

Maybe you want to look more natural for your session? I totally understand.  Thankfully, Kendra is great at helping you look natural in the makeup necessary for photos while still bringing out your best features.  But if you want to look dramatic with smokey eyes, she’s got you covered there, too.

Saint Louis Makeup Artist//Photo by Glam by Kendra// See more at

Why is it important that your Saint Louis Makeup Artist is an expert?

Well, for one, if you’re having a boudoir photo session, you’re already going to be self-conscious. Especially if this is your first one. Great hair and makeup will help your feel beautiful before your session, then I will help you feel comfortable and confident during the session.

Glam by Kendra has had the training and knows exactly how to use makeup in order to bring out your best features, specifically for cameras. She knows how to contour without having too much highlighter, which is a fine line with makeup artists.

How to prep for your Saint Louis Makeup Artist

It’s actually super simple to prep for hair and makeup. All I need you to do is come with a clean dry face. Do your normal daily skin care routine, just leave off the makeup.

As far as hair, wash it that morning and then blow dry it.  Then, come to your session. Kendra will take it from there.

Saint Louis Makeup Artist//Photo by Glam by Kendra// See more at


Glam by Kendra is my go to Saint Louis Makeup Artist for boudoir sessions. But she is also available for weddings, events, and special occasion hair and makeup.  Be sure to contact her if you need an expert! I seriously can’t say enough good things about her.

And if you’re ready to book your boudoir consultation or session, here’s the link!


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Learn exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot and get $100 off your session!

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