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Self care during COVID -19


It’s kind of a scary time in the world right now.  I think we’re all feeling uneasy about things, from health to the economy, even jobs. Self care during the COVID -19 crisis is going to be so much more important so that we can stay sane while trying to navigate something most of us never thought we would see.

I’ve taken the month of April off from the studio to do my part to help flatten the curve.  In light of that, I wanted to take the next month or so to do a self care series that can apply not only to this pandemic but also some things to help once we get back to normal as well.  

I really do believe this is a time that we need to be selfish. Take the time to think about and take care of yourself. If there ever was a time to put yourself first, this is it. 

Self Care during COVID -19//Boudoir photo// laying on floor pose// Calvin Klein lace bra and cotton panty set// soft colors//natural makeup for boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn// See more at

Self care during COVID -19

One thing that helps personal morale as a woman when you’re feeling down is to remind yourself that you ARE a woman.   

But what do I mean by that? I mean doing the things that make you feel better about yourself, regardless of what others think.

A lot of us do things like get our nails, lashes, and eyebrows done as part of our routine to help us feel pretty.

But most of those businesses will be closed for the next few weeks… 

Now I’m not saying that those things are the things that make us beautiful.  I don’t believe that whatsoever. I think what’s inside is what makes each person beautiful.

But if they make you happy, then do it.  

So I have a few suggestions for you.  

DIY Lash Extensions

I travel full time with my boyfriend for his job.  Before that though, I had become addicted to lash extensions. Like religiously every two weeks.  

Once we were on the road, though, I realized it was really hard to constantly be looking for a new lash artist.  I tried the first few trips but it got sketchy a few times.  

You have to really trust someone to be able to sit there for an hour with your eyes closed.  Word of advice to lash artists: A salon is important for your new clients to feel safe, at least until they get to know you.

For those of us who’ve become addicted to lash extensions, but hate lash strips, here’s my recommendation… Lashify.  

These lashes are easy to apply and also easy on your lashes.  They SAY you can leave them on for up to 10 days, but I sleep on my face, so that never works for me. 

They look really natural and take me MAYBE 5 minutes to apply at the most. 

Self Care during COVID -19// black lace bodysuit// natural light boudoir photo//Dramatic light and shadows//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn// See more at 

Press on Nails

Are you kidding me, Tracy?? Press on nails? 

No for real. When the coronavirus first became a real thing, I decided against going to the nail salons.  There’s too much aerosol with that.  

They are way different than they were years ago.  I know before the glue wasn’t great, you were limited as far as colors, etc.  

Now they have all shapes, colors, sizes and they are so easy to apply and look as good as if you just went to the salon.  I leave them on constantly. If one falls off, I just reapply. 

I get them at Walmart, but I have seen a few come across my Instagram feed that I would definitely like to try. I haven’t taken the time yet though.

Self Care during COVID -19// Black lace robe// Sheer white curtains// Standing boudoir pose//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// See more at

Maintaining Self care during COVID -19

Taking care of yourself during this pandemic is so important.  We can easily lose ourselves in all of the stress anxiety, 

Do the things that make you feel pretty.  Do the things that make you remember you are a beautiful person.

By the way, I will be here for you when it’s over.  I’m opening extra days this summer for those who wanted a spring session, but with social distancing were unable to schedule. There’s nothing like a boudoir session to remind yourself that you’re a gorgeous woman.

Are you struggling with how to handle this situation? Email me. I’d love to do what I can to help you though it.


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