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Saint Louis lash extensions and microblading


In my last blog post, I mentioned that I’ve made a few changes in the studio.  By that I mean, I’m leasing my studio to Tiffany Ruby who now officially offers, to the public, Saint Louis lash extensions and microblading the days I’m not in the studio photographing my gorgeous clients!

You may remember Tiffany from a blog post this past spring. Well, I’ve also officially hired her as my go to makeup artist for sessions.  It just made sense considering she’s already in the studio full time.

Lash extensions and microblading by Tiffany Ruby. photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of Saint Louis, MO.

Saint Louis Lash Extensions and Microblading

While Tiffany has been working as a lash tech and microblading artist for a while, this is her first time out on her own.

Before now, she worked for a few different salons.  These experiences have brought her to where she is now… more than ready to take on her own clients!  She just needed a little nudge from yours truly. 🙂

She’s so extremely knowledgeable about lashes, microblading, makeup(and hair). I know my clients are going to absolutely LOVE her because she is so bubbly, fun, and just an easy person to get along with.

What is microblading anyway?

Until about 2 years ago, I had no idea what microblading was either.  But basically it’s a tattooing technique to either enhance or reshape eyebrows in both shape and color.

Tiffany trained with some of the best in the industry, so I can assure you she is trustworthy!  Check out some of her work below!

Microblading by Tiffany Ruby.

And what about lash extensions?

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’m obsessed with lashes.

I don’t currently have them now because we travel so much.  Instead, I apply my own each morning using my Lashify lashes because I can’t go without some sort of length and volume.

BUT, I love lash extensions  and can personally tell you from my own experience, you won’t regret them. I love that I wake up feeling beautiful every day without makeup and they are so low maintenance.

If we didn’t move so much for Tome’s job, I’d still have them now.  It’s just stressful trying to find someone as great as Tiffany each time you change locations.

Lash extensions by Tiffany Ruby of Saint Louis, MO.

I’m totally about to name drop.

Tiffany has worked with two of my favorite clients- Maddie Moore and Destiny Dickerman, and I met her through Maddie a few years ago.

Before Maddie moved to LA, Tiffany was her lash extension tech and her hair and makeup artist for ALL of her photo shoots.

Tiffany still does Destiny’s hair and makeup for her shoots, her lash extensions, AND microbladed her eyebrows.

Book your Saint Louis lash extensions and microblading appointment.

If you’re ready to book your Saint Louis lash extensions and microblading appointment, simply contact Tiffany either on Instagram or Facebook or via text/call at (314)584-0068.

For those of you who’ve been in the studio, you’ll know exactly where to go.  🙂  And if not, I can’t wait for you to see it!  P.S. It’s undergoing some big renovations soon!


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