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Implied Boudoir Photos or No?

This implied boudoir photo is in white sheets. The model is posed laying down on her side in the bed. See more at

As you may know, I photograph clients in 2-3 days each month.  I book those dates full of women of all personalities.  Some are more open to risqué boudoir photos, while others are more conservative.  Some want to show it all, while others are barely okay with implied boudoir photos.

And I’m totally fine with whatever the comfort level is.  No matter what, I promise the results will be better than you imagined.

What are implied boudoir photos anyway?

I actually get this question often.  Implied boudoir photos are posed to give the illusion that you’re undressed, even though you’re likely more covered than you look.

We achieve this look by strategically covering areas to give the impression you’re naked, even if you are wearing underwear…

Or you can actually be naked.

I’ve done both and I’m totally fine with either!

The boudoir photo is posed in the white sheets with a cream tufted bed in early morning light.

It’s your choice.

A boudoir session is whatever you want it to be. Fully clothed or completely naked.  The goal is for you to feel more beautiful than you’ve ever felt in your life.

One specific client I photographed a couple of years ago told me she wanted a more conservative session. By the time we made it half way through the session, though, she was walking through the studio topless and we even photographed a few topless images for her album.

Her now husband was obviously thrilled.

That happens more than you think. You go in thinking you want super conservative, classy session and after we finish my ice breaker poses, you’re nerves are gone and you’re shedding your clothes and leaving them all over the studio!

Obviously the images are still classy, tasteful, and beautiful though.

No matter what you decide, I promise you will love the results of your boudoir session with me.

My goal is that every woman leaves my studio feeling classy and beautiful.  And that every album is tastefully created, and even more beautiful than you imagined it.

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An implied nude photon white sheets. See more at


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Learn exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot and get $100 off your session!

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