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Missouri Boudoir Session: What to Bring?

What should you bring to your Missouri Boudoir Session? Find out at

On my Missouri boudoir session dates last month, I had both ends of the spectrum as far as the preparation level of my clients.

Most of you know that I have three different sessions, my Lush, Lavish, or Luxurious. Each session comes with hair and makeup and guaranteed time for a certain number of outfits, although we usually shoot more.

For example, the Lush session guarantees 3 outfit changes.  And this is probably the prime example honestly. Most clients who book the Lush 1 hour session don’t necessarily book a consult with their session.  Usually my 2 hour(Luxurious) sessions book a consult. My 1.5 hour(Lavish) sessions are hit or miss.

Anyway, my Lush sessions usually know that they should bring 3 outfit changes, but because they haven’t booked a consult with me, they don’t realize that bringing more is always better.

So they show up to the session with their 3 outfits, no more, no less.

And then you have the complete other end of the spectrum… the client who brings her entire closet.  All the sweater options. Every bodysuit she owns, including her swimsuits. Her entire shoe closet.  Everything.

What should you ACTUALLY bring to your Missouri boudoir session?

Now that you’ve read the above, you’re probably thinking, what DO I need to bring to my Missouri boudoir session?

Well, for one, don’t freak out. I can make it work either way, whether you overpack, or you just bring the minimum.

Like I said in the last blog post about comparing yourself to IG models, I’ve photographed over 600 sessions.  You’re in good hands.

what to wear to your missouri boudoir session. Sometimes the most unconventional outfits are the cutest! See more at

Don’t forget your outfits.

like I mentioned earlier, the Lush session includes time for 3 outfit changes. The Lavish includes time for 4 outfit changes, and the Luxurious includes time for 6.

My biggest recommendation here is to bring AT LEAST two more outfits than we technically have time for.

Why? For a couple of reasons.

  1. If we have extra time, we will keep shooting!
  2. Sometimes outfits don’t look as good as they do either in your head or the first day you try them on.  You need backups!

One other thing…definitely download the Ultimate Guide to Prepping for Your Boudoir Session for ideas.


Read this blog post to see how I feel about accessories. Hint- not a huge fan of necklaces. They make posing harder!

But you’re definitely going to want to wear some heels! Four inches at least- or 3 if that’s all you have.

If you’re someone who doesn’t wear heels often, I have you covered as long as you wear size 6-9.5.  I keep black heels in those sizes in the studio.

Another option would be to either purchase a pair and return them. Or get a cheaper pair of Amazon.

One other note.  Converse always look so cute in boudoir photos. If you have a pair, go ahead and pack them, too.  They go with anything from Calvin Klein to lace. Converse are just so versatile.

What should you bring to your missouri Boudoir Session? Find out at

An open mind

Maybe you read that last sentence I wrote and thought, “okay this girl has lost her mind.  Converse and lace won’t work.”

Sometimes the most random outfits turn out to be the cutest.

Something like a sweater over a bodysuit with a pair of cute converse.

Or maybe a pair of thigh high socks with a lace bodysuit.

The most unconventional outfits are almost always my favorite.

An Alibi

This one is just in case you’re hiding it from your significant other.  You’ve worked so hard to hide it up until this point.  Don’t let the cat out of the bag now.

Is this a wedding gift? Use the tried and true excuse of a hair and makeup trial.

If it’s a birthday or anniversary gift, try the “girl’s day” excuse so you don’t have to take off your makeup.  Maybe you can even get a date night out of it this way.

Or you can be like me when I had a boudoir session photographed(Note this is just the link, not the session- you won’t find that).  I kept it a secret until the day of and then was like “GUESS WHAT I’M DOING TODAY!”

At least I got a date night out of it.

What to bring to your Missouri Boudoir Session?  Find out at

No matter what, it will be a blast.

I can assure you that no matter if you are an over packer or an under packer, you will have a blast, and leave the studio feeling not only beautiful, but confident.

That’s reason enough to book your Saint Louis, Missouri boudoir session, right?

Be sure to download the Ultimate Guide to Prepping for Your Boudoir Session I mentioned above! Here’s that link. 🙂  P.S.  You get $25 off your session fee with the guide!


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