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STL Boudoir Photos: Quit the Comparison

STL Boudoir Photos wearing nude lace and a white droptop sweater in a cream tufted bed on white sheets. Photo by

A few weeks back, I had a consult with a client about her upcoming STL boudoir photos. She was so excited, and I was too.  We were planning her outfits, deciding on the date and time.  She mentioned this one outfit option that I was SOOO excited about.

It’s a black lace bodysuit that I had added to my Instagram story about 3 months ago. I had mentioned I wanted to photograph it on a client really badly!

Well she bought that bodysuit!

Anyway, we had booked her session and were saying our goodbyes when she mentioned this one thing.

“I’m not a model like your other clients.”

And that just about broke my heart.

So let’s talk about that today.

The women in the STL Boudoir Photos I photograph are NOT professional models.

Okay, I have had a few professionals in the studio, but the majority of the women you see in my portfolio and on my social media are not professional models. They are ordinary women with ordinary bodies.

But with the right clothing, direction, light, angles, and posing, ANYONE can be a professional model.

Please remember that.

STL Boudoir Photos wearing white lace in a cream tufted bed on white sheets. Photo by

Even the professional models look like ordinary women.

Professional models and even the Instagram models look like ordinary women in person.

Because they ARE ordinary women.

Quit comparing your body to the “perfection” you see online.

You are PERFECT the way you are.

If you’re on Instagram, follow this woman, Jennifer West.  She’s a great follow because she shows you the realness behind Instagram perfection, and I think we all need to see that sometimes.

STL Boudoir Photos wearing a blue lace bodysuit beside a cream tufted bed on a white fur rug. Photo by

You’re in good hands with me.

I want you to know you’re in good hands when you book me for your STL boudoir photos. I’ve had extensive training on how to pose and light a woman’s body to make sure she looks her absolute best, no matter her body type.

And after photographing over 600 sessions since I started my boudoir photography career, my outfit suggestions in my popular What to Wear blog series are still my go too.  You can check them out here:

STL Boudoir Photos wearing pink overalls and a white droptop sitting on a white fur chair. Photo by


You’re perfect exactly how you are.

But even if you didn’t follow my directions on what to wear. Or you don’t know lighting and posing and angles… you are still perfect exactly how you are.

Without filters.

You’re perfect literally exactly the way you are.

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