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A boudoir session and your period

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Let’s say you’ve set up your boudoir session, chosen your outfits, had your spray tan, and have done everything else that I recommend in the guide to prepping for your boudoir session.  The day before your session, you wake up with the tell tale cramps letting you know your period is on it’s way.

What do you do?  Your session is tomorrow. You’re prepped and ready! Should you cancel? Can you keep the appointment??

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Your period isn’t the end of the world.

Honestly, it’s not a big deal at all.  Bring your tampons and take a couple of Midol(or whatever you take), for sure.  I know you may feel bloated and just overall icky, but the images won’t show that at all, I promise.

You know how sometimes you wake up and you’re like “oh my gosh, my head hurts.  I’m never going to get anything done today?”  Then, you get up and move around, take some ibuprofen, and then all of a sudden it’s a few hours later and you totally forgot about your headache?

The same thing happens at a boudoir session when you’re on your period. As soon as you get moving, you loosen up and forget about how bloated you felt 2 hours ago.

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I want you to be absolutely comfortable.

The majority of us have our periods under control.  We can easily manage and go about our normal life throughout our cycle.

But I know that isn’t the case with a few women.  I know there are some who suffer from Endometriosis and have periods that are almost impossible to function on.

If you are one of those unlucky few, I want you to know that I completely understand if you need to reschedule your session to my next available date. This day is about you and I want you to feel your absolute best!

The only thing I ask is that you give me as much notice as possible so that I can fill your dates since I only come to my Saint Louis studio two days a month. 🙂

Remember, this session is all about you!

Like I said, if you’re on your period, you don’t need to worry about it affecting your photos. Even though you may feel bloated, it won’t show in the images. The way I shoot, with my poses and lighting, you don’t need to worry at all. 🙂

But most of all, the session is about you and your comfort level and rescheduling is ultimately up to you.

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Ready to rediscover your beauty, just the way you are?

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