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Athletic Boudoir Session in Saint Louis

Athletic boudoir photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at

When thinking of a title for this blog post, I had the hardest time coming up with athletic boudoir session. I asked myself, “what do people call sporty outfits?” I finally remembered the word athletic, but it took a bit.

Obviously, I am not into anything fitness, although quite a few of my clients are.

One time a few years ago, I bought a personal training package at Gold’s Gym. I was like, I’m gonna get in shape and be so toned! Yeah, it didn’t last long when I remembered I hate sweating.

Also, she tried to take away my Starbucks.

Athletic boudoir outfit. Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO. See more at

An athletic boudoir session with little lace.

Although Dani leaned more on the athletic boudoir side, she definitely brought the sexy in her outfit options as well.

I love that she brought her the classic black lace garter set.  Honestly, you can never go wrong with black lace.

But she also brought those sexy read heels which we paired with a denim button up and soft green panty set to take the sexy down a notch to casual.  The glasses were such a cute accessory.

Casual boudoir photo with red high heels, denim button up, and green panty set. Laying in bed boudoir pose. Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at

The golden hour was beautiful inside the studio.

We photographed the session later in the day, which is never my favorite time of day to photograph sessions. The light is never dependable in the afternoons the way my studio sits. Morning light is by far my favorite.

That being said, we lucked out with Dani’s session because the light was as beautiful as I had ever seen it in the afternoon!

Sexy black lace boudoir photo. See more at

Your boudoir session is whatever you want it to be.

Your session can be whatever you dream up. It can be athletic. Or maybe sexy and casual.  Or just downright sexy with all black lingerie. It’s literally whatever YOU want.

Are you ready to book your session? Contact me at and let’s set up a consult! 🙂


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