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How to choose your STL boudoir photographer

Black lace laying on stomach boudoir photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at

A little off topic, but considering we move around a LOT for my boyfriend’s job, this is something I go through all the time, and it may be something you experience when you choose your STL boudoir photographer.

What I’m talking about is how do you find the right fit for you?!

I’m one of those women who go to the hair salon every 5 weeks without fail. Anytime we move to a new area, one of the first things I do is start my Instagram search for a new stylist in that area.

A few months ago, I was searching and scrolling, looking for the right stylist for me in our current city, when I finally found her.  I just KNEW she was the right one because she had several photos of hair types similar to mine and her color was beautiful, so I booked her and was so extremely happy with her work after my appointment.

Have you been searching for the right STL boudoir photographer?

Similar to the way I am with my hair stylist, you are probably that picky about your boudoir photographer.

But if you aren’t that picky yet, and you think that all photographers are the same, I urge you to think a little differently.

Boudoir photos are not something you’ll have done 3-4 times a year. It’s more like something you will do once, maybe twice in your life, so you want those photos to be exactly what you dream for a perfect boudoir session.

Boudoir photos are an investment.  Most photographers won’t know how to pose, light, or help you dress the way a boudoir photographer can. It’s a super specific niche, and something that’s important to specialize in.

As boudoir photographers, we basically have a woman’s confidence in our hands, so we need to care for it well.

STL Lip Expert: Glam Skin RN. Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at

In your search, I want to urge you to think of your specific requirements for your STL boudoir photographer.

You probably have some ideas in your head, but here’s a list for you to think about as well.

  • Male or female? Does it matter to you?
  • Do you want a photographer with a studio?
  • Do you LOVE their photos? And do they speak to you?
  • How quick are they to answer your emails/phone calls?
  • Are they professional? Does their whole business feel specialized and well run?
  • Does price matter to you?
  • Do you prefer a photographer with a closet that you can specifically purchase from? Or are you okay with a specific guide?
  • Did you get to meet them through a consult? Are you comfortable with them?


Like I mentioned before, a boudoir photographer is someone who specializes in helping women feel beautiful. It’s important to trust your STL boudoir photographer, so be extremely picky in your search!

And if you’re ready to book your session, please email me at  I’d love to book a consult to make sure we are a fit. 🙂


TK Boudoir is a luxury boudoir studio with locations in St Louis, MO & Denver, Colorado for all women seeking to rediscover their beauty, just as they are.

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