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Boudoir gift ideas

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You’re thinking about booking a session or maybe you already have one scheduled… What will you do with your gorgeous new photos?  Let’s talk boudoir gifts!

The great news is there is no specific rule to follow when picking a gift.  You can be as creative or traditional as you want.  There are lots of intimate, thoughtful gift ideas.  The best part is all of these gifts are unique and personal.

Here are some creative ideas for a boudoir gift.

Photo Albums

A photo book or boudoir album for whichever occasion you choose.  I love this idea because it is totally customizable.  A keepsake for you or for him.  Albums come in a variety of sizes, feels, and colors.  Choose the photos as you’d like, add a little bit of spice with romantic or sexy notes, make it your own.  

Canvas or Metal Prints

High-end canvases or metal wall art are a great gift for you and him.  I know you’re probably thinking, I don’t want these nearly nude photos displayed in my living room!  Picture this(pun intended), silhouette photos or an anonymous closeup,  for your bedroom or even his closet.  It’s a hanging reminder of how amazing and sexy you are.

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Keepsake Box

Guys are the worst at printing photos, so let me do it for you. I offer a beautiful leather bound box with mounted images.  It even comes with the cutest easel so you can switch out the display randomly throughout the year.  Keep it fresh, ya know?

Digital Images

Digital images to have or share.  One question, will you ever get around to printing them off?  I highly recommend luxury prints from my professional lab.  These are qquality photos you’ll be able to have or surprise him at whichever time you choose. 

Still unsure which gift to choose?

I would love to chat more with you, so we can talk through your ideas and come up with the perfect photo selection.  Here’s the link. 

Or you can email me here so we can chat! 


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