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Boudoir is for the single woman

Boudoir for the single woman

On today’s episode of fact or fiction, I’ll debunk one of the biggest myths circulating about boudoir.  Drum roll…. Boudoir photography is only for married women or women in a relationship. 

I’m here to set the record straight, boudoir IS for EVERY woman, no matter where she is on her path in life.  That’s right, every woman should experience the empowerment of a boudoir session.  Boudoir sessions are more than just a photo shoot.  They are an experience.

Every female deserves to enjoy this experience at least once in their lifetime. 

Self Care is important.

Yes, boudoir photos make a great gift for someone else, but the way you will reconnect with yourself is truly the greatest gift.  Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and be pampered.  An entire day dedicated to you!  Hair, makeup, mimosas, and photos…  a little bit of self love can go a long way! 

A boudoir session is the ultimate confidence boost you didn’t know you needed!

The experience of a boudoir photo session is also an excellent way to treat yourself, whether you’re married, in a relationship, or as a single woman.

You don’t need a special someone to book a boudoir session.  Do it for YOU! 

Tracey, a single mom(not pictured), wrote “I never thought I’d be comfortable doing a session, but I love my photos!”  

Photos will serve as a reminder that you are beautiful, capable, and worth it.   Best of all, you’ll be able to cherish these photos for years to come! 

Boudoir gift for the single woman


So, do YOURSELF a favor and treat yourself to one of the best experiences that a woman can have. You’ll leave feeling amazing, confident, and beautiful. And when you see your images for the first time you will KNOW you are a gorgeous, beautiful woman who is, in fact, good enough! 

Book your session today!

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TK Boudoir is a luxury boudoir studio with locations in St Louis, MO & Denver, Colorado for all women seeking to rediscover their beauty, just as they are.

Ready to rediscover your beauty, just the way you are?

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