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STL Maternity Boudoir Photos

See a testimonial from brooke about her STL Maternity Boudoir Photos with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at

With permission from my client, Brooke, this STL Maternity Boudoir Photos blog post is directly from her(with some minor changes for SEO purposes ha).

I’m in love with a new me?

I’m not going to lie at first the thought of taking STL maternity boudoir photos like these at one of the most uncomfortable periods of my life made me a nervous wreck.  Like how am I supposed to feel sexy or beautiful when I’m really feeling like a beached whale?
But right now I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes looking at these pictures.  Instead of embarrassment, I’m looking at what my body is capable of, and it has me feeling lots of things, but surprisingly uncomfortable is not one of them.
I’m proud. I’m proud of all the changes and the life I’m creating. For the first time, I’m looking at myself with love and not criticism searching for flaws.
Side profile of stl maternity boudoir session. All black bra and panty set with husbands button up. See more at

It’s different.

Pregnancy definitely changes you as a person. You, as a woman have your struggles. There’s plenty, but it is this amazing journey that shifts your focus and pushes you to re-evaluate your life and it’s priorities.
The days are not always easy growing a little person inside of you.  From the hormones, the morning sickness, the changes a body endures, body image itself, and the many nights of sleeplessness.
Yet, when it all gets to hard, just remember how powerful you really are. You are growing life inside you, and that is incredible!
See a testimonial from brooke about her STL Maternity Boudoir Photos with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at

STL Maternity Boudoir Photos

I want to thank @boudoir_by_tracy_lynn for an incredible experience with this shoot and for capturing me this way during one of the most important times in my life.  I appreciate you for showing me how beautiful a woman’s body can be during what she may think is the most uncomfortable or unattractive points in her life. I’ll forever cherish these photos.  I absolutely adore them and now I’m adoring me.
STL Maternity Boudoir photo black lace bra and panty set on cream chaise lounge. See more at

Book your STL Maternity Boudoir Photos

It’s me, Tracy, again.

My business has been in STL since 2016. What is so incredibly cool about 2021 right now is that I’m getting returning clients who were once my bridal boudoir sessions.  They’re returning for STL maternity boudoir photos or 5 year anniversary sessions.  I’m not going to lie, sometimes it makes me tear up how you all trust me for such important memories.

If you’re ready to book your first session or your second or third or tenth, I’m ready to photograph you. Email me at or click the book now button above. 🙂

See a testimonial from brooke about her STL Maternity Boudoir Photos with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. See more at


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