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Black Iron Fitness | Edwardsville, IL

Friends Boudoir session // Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO. See more at

I photographed Molly Harris and Laura Leh of Black Iron Fitness in November of 2021.  They are the nicest duo and I had so much fun photographing them.  They listened to my boudoir prep advice, and while we went with some more traditional boudoir outfits, we also added in some athletic options, as well.  

Black Iron Fitness

Molly and Laura met in 2015 and became BFF’s in 2018.  The two of them figured out that friendship plus a shared passion for the gym equals Black Iron Fitness.

Black Iron Fitness is a gym located in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Molly founded Black Iron Fitness in 2020, and Laura joined the team in 2021.  They are both certified personal trainers through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).  Molly also holds a certificate in Sports Nutrition through ISSA. 

Black Iron Fitness offers in person and remote coaching, along with nutrition and macro training.  An accountability program with limited spots is another available option.  

Comfy boudoir outfit // off the shoulder sweater with green cheeky panties // sitting pose on cream tufted bed. See more at

Molly has been training and teaching group fitness since 2009.  Molly loves to wear all black(I feel this), has a very contagious laugh, and a no nonsense coaching approach.

Laura’s fitness journey began in 2013.  Laura loves chocolate rice cakes and all things shopping.  She also claims to lack a filter – haha!

Laying on floor boudoir pose// maroon bra and panty set// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// See more at

Succes Stories

Since 2020, the success stories have been stacking up.  

Laurie explains how Molly and Laura are knowledgeable about fitness.

“Working with Molly and Laura has been one of the best decisions.  They are both knowledgeable about fitness and have taught me so much.  Molly has taught me about counting macros and how to be consistent to see results.  Laura has helped me with being accountable to myself and has been my cheerleader through my whole journey.  They inspire me and motivate me to be better and do better everyday.”  – Laurie

Another client, Emelie, loves how comfortable and confident she feels, and says it makes the sweating totally worth it!    

“I personally enjoy coming to the outdoor workouts. They are personal, informative, fun, and totally worth the sweat and complaining!  Molly and Laura are great at what they do.  They both make me feel comfortable and confident!”  – Emelie

The gym is for women and men and has an area for regular lifting as well as classes. For more information about Black Iron Fitness, visit

And by the way, Molly and Laura have partnered with me! For an incentive to stick with their program, all Black Iron Fitness clients receive a special offer towards. a session.

For BTS and training tips, follow them on Instagram.

Like the rest of us, Molly and Laura are super active on Instagram. Be sure to follow along for behind the scenes and training tips!


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