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2023 Boudoir Outfit Trends

Boudoir session on white silk sheets in white button-up shirt / laying on back boudoir photo / 2023 Boudoir Outfit Trends | Boudoir by Tracy Lynn // Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO. See more at

I started photographing clients in St. Louis in 2016. Since then, boudoir outfit trends have changed a lot. What used to be popular isn’t so trendy now–think high-rise skinny jeans and thick drawn-on eyebrows.

It’s about time I update my “what to wear” recommendations, and that’s exactly what you can expect in this blog post.

2023 Boudoir Outfit Trends

A lot has changed through my years as a boudoir photographer here in St. Louis. Thankfully, there haven’t been a lot of changes in what I recommend as far as what to wear, how to prep, or what to bring.

Bodysuits are still a go.

Bodysuits are my go-to through my first four Icebreaker poses. A bodysuit will keep you covered–mostly. At the same time, you won’t have a lot of extra clothing to deal with while you’re still getting comfortable in front of the camera.

You can find bodysuits with lots of support, no support, thongs, bikini bottoms, and even boyshorts.  My recommendation is a lace bodysuit with a cheeky bottom, if possible. You will still be covered while also feeling sexy!

Boudoir session on black silk sheets in maroon lace bodysuit / sitting on bed boudoir photo / 2023 Boudoir Outfit Trends | Boudoir by Tracy Lynn // Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO. See more at

Bra and panty sets will never go out of style.

This is a boudoir session, after all. It’s kind of implied that you’ll need a few bra and panty sets, right?

Here are my recommendationsthongs or cheeky underwear–one size above what you normally wear.

Your bras should fit as they’re supposed to, and just get whatever you feel most confident in. This might be a push-up, padded, or lightly padded. It’s totally up to you, and I’ll be happy with whatever you decide!

Jeans, on the other hand, well, the trends change.

When I first started, it was all skinny jeans and super high-rise.

Thankfully, the high-rise hasn’t gone out of style, but the fit definitely has. Lately, these Abercrombie high-rise 90’s jeans have been what I wear–and what I love to photograph.

Boudoir session on  black silk sheets in high rise boyfriend jeans/ laying on stomach boudoir photo / 2023 Boudoir Outfit Trends | Boudoir by Tracy Lynn // Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO. See more at

Don’t forget his button-up or an off-the-shoulder sweater.

Or even just a meaningful shirt. He will love it! You know how men are–they love to see us in their shirts.

The one thing I don’t like if you’re going with the sweater vibe–crop tops.  They just aren’t really all that flattering without the high-rise leggings or jeans. And the point of this session is to be wearing fewer clothes–not more.

Don’t forget to bring…

Shoes! How could we forget shoes? I always recommend bringing a set of heels, but if you don’t have any, I have a pair that will fit you in my studio.

One more thing, make sure you bring more than enough outfits. Here’s a list that I recommend for all of my clients.

  • At least one bodysuit
  • 3-5 bra and panty sets–with different underwear options. Don’t forget, the underwear should be one size bigger than you normally wear! I can’t say this enough.
  • A button-up or off-the-shoulder sweater.

But the more outfits, the better.

If you’re not sure what’s going to work best, then bring “everything” you have. After 800+ sessions at this point, once I’ve seen you in person, I can make a plan in less than a minute. 😉

But, really, don’t stress too much about boudoir outfit trends.

I really don’t want you to focus that much on boudoir outfit trends when planning for your upcoming session. My ultimate goal is to make sure your session is timeless, classy, and beautiful. 

What you’re wearing is the least important piece of the puzzle. I gotcha, girl. 💕

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