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Welcome Ashley–Associate Boudoir Photographer

Ashleyfisher photographer

In 2018, I moved home to Southern Illinois–2.5 hours south of St. Louis. I really thought driving back and forth wouldn’t bother me that much because I love my business so much.

That same year, I met Tome, my now husband. Shortly after, I started traveling with him full time for his job and traveling back and forth to St. Louis for sessions once a month.

I’ve continued this travel schedule for the past five years–but in the last two years, it’s really worn me down, physically and mentally. I’ve gone back and forth, asking myself, do I shut my business down? Do I keep dreading my Saint Louis days? Should I start putting my health and happiness first?

And then one day, the answer FELL in my lap. 

Let me introduce you to my associate boudoir photographer.

Ashley is a wedding photographer in the St. Louis area who has been wanting to cut back on her wedding schedule to put her family first. I posted something in a Facebook group, she messaged me, and we instantly hit it off! I know you all will love her as much as I already do.

What’s even better–she’s studied with some of the best in the industry, including my all time favorite photographer–and the photographer I mentored under for years–Jerry Ghionis.

Her work is gorgeous.

Like so beautiful–if I’m being honest, I think she’s better than me. She’s definitely up my standards.

Welcome associate boudoir photographer Ashley fisher! See more at

We have some super fun things in the works!

Yes, the standard boudoir sessions are our main priority, but Ashley is excited to offer mini sessions as well. We will have more information coming soon, but mark you calendars for The Wet Set Collection in October!

Welcome associate boudoir photographer Ashley fisher! Wet Set Collection coming soon. See more at

How will sessions work with an associate boudoir photographer?

I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what this looks like for you, as a boudoir client.  Well, don’t worry, I will still be very hands on, just not AT the actual session.  I will still run consults and ordering sessions.

And, of course, I will still be designing your albums and making sure everything is up to my standards–the standards you’ve come to expect from Boudoir by Tracy Lynn.

My associate boudoir photographer, Ashley, will be photographing the session, then sending the images over to me, where I will take over from there.

Ready to book your session?

Ashley is ready to fill up her schedule–and we’ve opened up a few weekends too. Be sure to check her schedule and book your session!


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Ready to rediscover your beauty, just the way you are?

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