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Looking for a Boudoir Checklist? We Have Something Even Better!

photo of girl wearing a black strappy lace matching bra and panty set with black long cardigan by TK Boudoir

Are you planning your boudoir session? You might have already searched for a boudoir checklist. With so much to organize, including outfits, hair, makeup, and poses, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.

photo of a girl wearing white lace panties with a black band and topless by TK Boudoir

Introducing the Creative Consultation

Here at TK Boudoir, we actually customize each session to the individual woman. And most importantly, you don’t have to plan your session alone. We are excited to introduce a new feature to our client experience: the Creative Consultation. Initially created for repeat clients seeking something different for their second, third, or tenth session, we’ve now made the creative consultation a staple for every client. This phone call ensures your session aligns perfectly with your vision and expectations.

What is the Creative Consultation?

The Creative Consultation so much better than a boudoir checklist. It is your chance to co-design your dream boudoir session with your photographer (Ashley in St Louis & Madisen in Denver). This call provides a safe space where we can get to know one another, allowing us to understand your desires and ensure your session reflects your unique personality and style.

photo of girl wearing grey sweatshirt that says bra off. hair up. sweats on. with peach lace panties by TK Boudoir

Your Feelings are Valid

The creative consultation starts by us just listening to how you feel about your upcoming session. Whether you’re excited or nervous, every emotion is valid. During this call, our goal is to hype you up, boost your confidence, and make sure you’re comfortable and prepared.

Planning Hair and Makeup

We’ll start by discussing your preferences for hair and makeup. We will also explain why the camera requires more makeup than usual. Additionally, we’ll gather details about your hair and skin so our talented artists can prepare and flawlessly execute your look during your glam session.

Guidelines for Preparation

Next, we’ll walk you through all the essential preparation tasks. These include when to wash your hair prior to the session, what to wear during hair and makeup, and moisturizing your skin for a beautiful glow. We will also talk about hydration, stretching prior to your session, as well as give some tips on spray tanning.

Addressing Body Concerns and Outfit Selection

Every client’s comfort with their body varies. During the bulk of our conversation, we’ll address any body concerns you might have. We’ll discuss areas you love and might want to highlight, as well as areas you prefer to diminish. Based on your comfort level and desires, we will provide tailored outfit suggestions and stores to look at for your outfit selection.

Customizing Your Posing Flow

If you haven’t started one already, we encourage you to start a shared Pinterest board prior to our call. This helps you to visually share your favorite poses and the desired vibe with us. Ashley & Madisen like to use this board to create a custom posing flow for your session, which you can review and adjust during hair and makeup.

Building Trust

Building trust with you is of the utmost importance, because we want to deliver the most incredible photos of you. We hope that once you complete your creative consultation, you’ll feel 100% confident in our ability to execute your vision.

Handling Logistical Details

Lastly, we’ll cover any other practical aspects such as where you’ll change outfits, bathroom locations, and how we assist with wardrobe adjustments like fixing straps and removing tags. This is also your time to ask any lingering questions.

photo of girl wearing black matching bra and panty set by TK Boudoir

Goal of the Creative Consultation

By the end of the creative consultation, you should feel completely prepared and reassured that everything will run smoothly during your session. You won’t even need a silly little boudoir checklist, will you?! We want to remind you that we prioritize your comfort and experience above all else. If at any time you need to communicate something with us, we’re always available and willing to help!


TK Boudoir is a luxury boudoir studio with locations in St Louis, MO & Denver, Colorado for all women seeking to rediscover their beauty, just as they are.

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