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We’re Spilling the Tea on Everything That Goes Into Luxury Boudoir Photo Retouching!

photo of girl wearing body stocking and black cowboy hat by TK Boudoir

In luxury boudoir, photo retouching is a huge component of the final imagery. We know that boudoir photography is all about celebrating your beauty, just as you are. And with its growing popularity, more women are discovering how empowering it can be. But with all good things, many people think that photoshop can fix anything, when in reality, most of our work should be done before the shutter is ever even clicked. There’s a lot that goes into making those stunning final images, and photo retouching does play a huge role, but first let’s chat about everything we can do prior to your session to make your final images absolutely breathtaking.

Fixing Things In Person Prior to Shooting Gives Us The Best Raw Images to Start The Retouching Process With

Skin Care

First things first: your skin is the star of the show. To avoid unexpected breakouts, stick to your regular skincare routine before the shoot. Trying new products can cause reactions, and we don’t want that. If you get a pimple, don’t stress. It’s easier for us to cover and remove it in retouching than to deal with a popped and inflamed spot. Keep your skin calm and consistent.

Avoiding Tan Lines and Sunburns

Editing out tan lines and sunburns is no joke. It’s time-consuming and can be tricky to look natural. To avoid this, stay out of the sun, remove the straps, or use high-SPF sunscreen before your shoot. If you prefer a spray tan, make sure it’s even and not too dark. This will make your skin look fabulous and save us a lot of post-production work.

Hair & Nails

Don’t forget your hair and nails. If your hair needs a touch-up, do it before the shoot to avoid visible roots. Arrive with clean, dry hair, and if you’re wearing extensions, put them in ahead of time because we don’t allocate extra time for that between clients. Nails should be well-manicured and clean, as they can be visible in your photos. We typically suggest something neutral on the nails.

Hair Removal

Body hair removal should be done a day or two before the shoot to let any redness or irritation subside. Choose whatever method works best for you. Many clients ask if a brazilian is required, which it most definitely is not. As long as it appears tidy, you are just fine. Most of the time, that region isn’t visible at all!

For a flawless makeup application, exfoliate your face and consider dermaplaning a day or two before. If you haven’t dermaplaned before, skip this, as it can cause breakouts the first few times.

Glowy Skin Comes from a Bottle, Not Post-Production

Hydrated skin is happy skin. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot. Exfoliate a couple of days before to remove dead skin cells and use a good moisturizer. This helps your skin look smooth and glowy. A good night’s sleep will also keep dark circles and puffiness at bay.

Loose Clothing

On the day of your shoot, wear loose-fitting clothing. A button up or zip up shirt is best so that you can take it off after hair and makeup without having to pull it over your head. Tight bras and elastic bands can leave marks on your skin, which can be difficult to edit out.

Adjustments with Hair and Makeup

Approving hair and makeup before the shoot is crucial. You need to confirm that your hair and makeup look complements your skin tone and the style you want for your photos. Our hair and makeup artist custom matches your face to your chest, which might be new to you but looks amazing on camera. This pre-approval streamlines the post-production process, saving time and ensuring you get the look you want. You will not hurt feelings, but you do need to speak up if changes need to be made during hair and makeup and not after seeing the images.

Luxury Boudoir Photo Retouching

Selecting Your Images

After the shoot, we back up all your gorgeous images and start culling. This means choosing the best shots from each set. During your viewing session, you’ll see this curated collection of images, straight from the camera. Many clients are shocked that they aren’t edited at all!

Color Correcting Your Images

Once you’ve chosen your images, every photo gets color corrected in Lightroom. Our ultimate goal is to make you the focus of the image and remove anything that detracts from your beauty. We adjust exposure, contrast, white balance, highlights, white point, shadows, and black point. We also adjust the curves, each color’s hue/saturation/luminance, and sharpen the image. Then we manually adjust the subject and background to perfection using brushes by hand. And we finish the lightroom process off by cropping and straightening the images before exporting.

Retouching Your Images

Retouching is where the real magic happens. All blemishes are removed from the face and body. We can remove scars, birthmarks, and lines from rolls, lighten them, or leave them as is. We do a lot of skin smoothing on the face and the body, so you won’t have to worry about any cellulite or anything like that!

We also meticulously remove stray hairs, clothing wrinkles, and missed clothing tags. We do our best to minimize the appearance of a double chin. When necessary, we make makeup adjustments. All images have the teeth whitened and eyes brightened.

We can absolutely make body modifications, but we do want to maintain your natural beauty, because the entire point of this is to rediscover YOUR beauty, just as you are. Not society’s definition of beauty. Things we often do are subtly rounding out the booty, thinning out arms a little bit, or tucking the belly in if it had to be pushed out to maintain the arch of the back.

Background Adjustments & Perfecting Images

Background adjustments are another essential step in the retouching process. We extend backgrounds, fix paint scratches, remove outlets and cords, and take care of any other distractions. This effort ensures the focus of the viewer is on you, and not on anything distracting.

photo of girl wearing grey sweater and black thong looking over her shoulder by TK Boudoir

Luxury boudoir photography is all about quality over quantity. The 30 minutes of meticulous attention to detail on every single image transforms your boudoir images from beautiful photos to pieces of artwork.

Even with all of the post-production work we do, you can understand that pre-shoot preparation is the key to having beautiful raw images to work with. By following these pre-shoot tips, you are giving us what we need to make your photos look their best. Remember, luxury boudoir photo retouching is an art form that enhances your natural beauty that really exists!


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Learn exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot and get $100 off your session!

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