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The Crucial Considerations to Make for Your St Louis or Denver Plus Size Boudoir Shoot

photo of plus size woman covered in white sheet by TK Boudoir

Choosing the right photographer for your St Louis or Denver plus size boudoir shoot is absolutely crucial. Let’s be real: a photographer who doesn’t understand how to flatter a plus size body can harm your self-esteem. We want you to feel empowered and confident, because you deserve to feel beautiful, just the way you are.

There are a few key things to consider when looking for a plus size boudoir photographer. First, review their portfolio to ensure they have experience photographing diverse body types. Look for images that showcase women of various sizes, highlighting their unique beauty. Client testimonials are also important. Seek feedback from plus size clients who can speak to their experience and satisfaction with the photographer’s work.

At TK Boudoir, we’ve photographed hundreds of amazing women with smaller bodies and bigger bodies and younger bodies and older bodies. Every single one of those women is absolutely beautiful in her own skin and doesn’t need to change a thing about herself.

photo of plus size woman wearing black lacy bodysuit and blue button up shirt by TK Boudoir

Embrace Body Neutrality

Body neutrality is an important step toward body positivity. It means accepting your body as it is, without focusing on its appearance. This mindset can be especially helpful if you’re feeling nervous or anxious about booking a boudoir shoot. Trust the process and your photographer’s expertise. An experienced boudoir photographer understands how to make you feel comfortable and confident, guiding you through poses that flatter your body.

Embracing body neutrality allows you to focus on the empowering aspects of your boudoir shoot. You’ll leave the session feeling more confident than you’ve ever been before. Remember, this is about celebrating you as you are, without judgment or comparison. We do have a no negativity policy in the studio when it comes to our bodies, so leave those limiting thoughts at the door. We’re going to work on getting rid of them forever!

Lighting, Posing, and Angles

In plus size boudoir photography, lighting, posing, and angles are crucial. We know how to use these elements to highlight what you love about your body and diminish the focus on areas you’re less comfortable with. Proper lighting creates flattering shadows and highlights, while expert posing and angles accentuate your best features. We’ll guide you through each pose, enhancing your curves, elongating your body, and showcasing your favorite assets. We’ll ensure you feel comfortable and look stunning, creating beautiful, flattering images that you will love!

From One of our Past Clients

“Where do I begin? I had the idea to do a boudoir shoot for my husband as a wedding gift. I came across the TK Boudoir Instagram account and was impressed on every picture. I thought to myself, there’s no way that I can feel comfortable or look as good as the girls they photograph. A fear that held me back was my body image. I set up an appointment and felt nervous after I received a confirmation from her. I had a lot of thoughts leading up to my shoot, like “is she going to judge me, will I look good?, Am I sure I want to do this.” The day came for my photo shoot, as I walked in, they greeted me with a sweet smile and offered a mimosa to relax. After, I went for makeup, and she helped me relax as well. They are super nice. They went through my outfits to narrow down which ones I would wear for the photo shoot. A million thoughts were running through my head when I walked out with my outfit. She showed me how to pose each time and made me feel comfortable. She showed me the pictures as she was taking them and couldn’t believe that it was ME!! I was extremely happy when I walked out that morning because the images she showed me made me feel more CONFIDENT. Once I received my album, I cried a little because I still couldn’t believe it was me. I got married on 09/11/2021 and my husband loved the photo album. It was an amazing experience, so I highly recommend TK Boudoir and suggest you book your session. You won’t regret it. Thank you so much! ❤❤”

What to Wear for a St Louis or Denver Plus Size Boudoir Shoot

When deciding what to wear for your plus size boudoir shoot, think about your goals. Generally, there are two types of plus size clients. Are you looking to celebrate your body or to appear smaller?

For those wanting to appear smaller, consider wearing items like bodysuits, an oversized open cardigan with lingerie, an oversized men’s button-down shirt, matching bra and high-waisted panties, off-the-shoulder sweater, your favorite jersey or thin tshirt, a pretty lacy robe with a matching bodysuit, or a sexy dress. But honestly, your body is amazing, so rock whatever you feel most beautiful in!

The most important thing is to ensure your outfits fit well. You want to avoid babydoll or teddy outfits, as they can make you appear larger. Corsets tend to pinch and spill in the wrong places, so don’t bring those either. If the fit is tight, consider buying one size larger!

Let’s Set Expectations for Retouching

>When it comes to retouching, our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, not change who you are. We’re committed to making you look like the best version of yourself.

We can do body modifications, such as slimming or rounding out areas, but we want it to be subtle to ensure you still look like you. Setting realistic expectations for the final images is important. We want you to see the true, beautiful you in the photos, not some computer generated version of yourself.

photo of plus size woman wearing black lacy bodysuit by TK Boudoir

Choosing the right photographer for your St Louis or Denver plus size boudoir shoot, embracing body neutrality, and understanding the importance of lighting, posing, and angles can make your experience empowering and positive. With thoughtful outfit choices and realistic expectations for retouching, you’ll leave feeling confident and beautiful.

Book your boudoir shoot today and embrace your journey toward self-love and confidence. We promise that a positive, empowering experience awaits you!


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