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I Wish More People Realized that Boudoir Makeup is Different from Everyday Makeup

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Professional boudoir makeup is essential to create all the photos you’ve been pinning and screenshotting, planning for your own session. I know you might be worried about how the boudoir makeup will look in the final images or if it may be too much. Let’s tackle these concerns so you can feel confident and excited for your boudoir session!

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Understanding Boudoir Makeup

Boudoir makeup is very, very different from your everyday makeup. It’s more dramatic and defined to make sure your features pop under professional lighting. Everyday makeup does not give you the same impact in photos. The lashes, contour, and lip color are crucial because we can’t add that definition during retouching. That said, let’s address the three most common concerns clients have.

Addressing Common Concerns

“This Makeup Doesn’t Look Like Me”

I get it, sometimes the makeup does feel like it’s a bit much. But boudoir makeup is meant to be more pronounced to ensure your brows, eyes, cheekbones, and lips stand out. Trust me, this is essential because we can’t add these details in Photoshop. It might feel like a lot at first, but the results are worth it. We can do less glam, but at the very least, we need to fill in the brows and wear some sort of lash for definition.

“My Skin Looks Shiny”

Another common concern is shiny skin when viewing raw images during your viewing session. Boudoir makeup isn’t as matte as your everyday makeup, and we do that on purpose. When makeup is too matte, it can look fake after retouching. We need those visible pores for a natural look. The lighting might make the makeup look shiny or desaturated in raw photos, but this is all fixed during retouching.

“This Shade of Makeup Doesn’t Look Right”

Sometimes, the makeup shade might be different from what you’re used to. Our makeup artists match your skin tone to ensure your face blends seamlessly with your chest, since you won’t be wearing clothes. The shade might be different than what you’re used to, but it’s chosen to look perfect in the photos.

Communication is Key

The most important part of your hair and makeup session is communication. Speak up if you have any concerns and want things to be changed. Bring a photo of yourself in natural light that you love to help the makeup artist understand your style. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by asking for changes. We want you to love how you look. If you don’t tell us what you want when we have the opportunity to fix it, it makes the retouching process more difficult and less likely to meet your expectations.

The Role of Retouching

Retouching is a crucial part of boudoir photography. However, retouching cannot add definition that isn’t there, which is why boudoir makeup is so important. During your viewing session, we include a sample of a retouched image so you can see what the final images will look like. You can request adjustments to our normal retouching process to make sure you’re happy with the results.

Tips for Clients

To get the best results from your boudoir session, follow these tips:

  • Arrive with clean, moisturized skin and clean, dry hair. If you’re wearing extensions, please put them in before you arrive.
  • Bring a photo of yourself wearing glam makeup in natural light that you love, or some inspiration photos to share with the makeup artist.
  • Be open about your preferences and speak up if you have concerns. Communication during the glam session prevents almost all issues.

photo of girl wearing brown lace peekaboo bodysuit by TK Boudoir

Professional boudoir makeup and hair is essential for stunning boudoir photos. But communicating openly with your makeup artist is key to getting the look you want, because as much as we would love to be, we aren’t mind readers. Remember, our goal is to make you feel confident and beautiful in your photos, and boudoir makeup is a collaborative process! So please speak up to ensure that you get what you want!

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