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Boudoir Photography Cost: Is It Worth It?

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Boudoir photography cost is often a concern, but let’s explore why boudoir is worth far more than any penny you’ll spend. Boudoir photography is more than just a photoshoot—it’s a transformative experience. Imagine being able to reclaim your body, gain self-confidence, and break free from generational trauma in less than half a day.

The Transformative Power of Boudoir Photography

Reclaiming Your Body

Boudoir helps you see your body as your own, not for anyone else’s pleasure. This shift in perception is be incredibly empowering and liberating for women. When you’re able to see your body as something that is valuable just for existing and not for what it offers to others, you take the first step towards genuine self-love.

Gaining Self-Confidence

A boudoir session can boost your self-confidence and help you feel secure in your relationships. I know what it feels like to not feel like you’re good enough and constantly worry in your relationship. But when you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin, and you truly love yourself, you move from waiting for the ball to drop to walking through life knowing that what is meant for you will be. Confidence is not just a gift for you; it’s a gift for your partner too. When you feel amazing, it radiates into all aspects of your life.

Embracing Self-Kindness

Boudoir photography encourages you to stop trying to be someone you’re not just to impress people who don’t actually matter. This self-acceptance can lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life. It’s about loving yourself just as you are and being kind to yourself in ways you haven’t before.

The Long-Lasting Value of a Boudoir Experience

Healing Generational Trauma

Boudoir helps heal the generational trauma of negative body image. It’s a step towards breaking the cycle of self-criticism and embracing self-love. None of us want our daughters to grow up hating their bodies, but we have to heal ourselves first to create a space of self-love for them. They will do what is modeled for them, so it’s on us to change the narrative.

Long-Lasting Impact

The confidence and self-love gained from a boudoir session extend far beyond the photoshoot. These positive effects will permeate every aspect of your life. When you learn to truly love yourself, that’s when you learn how to truly love others. Until you do, you are robbing the people closest to you of the love they deserve.

The Value of the Boudoir Session Itself

For just $299, you receive a 4-5 hour experience with a team of professionals whose only priority is to make you feel beautiful and confident. This immersive experience is designed to transform your mindset and how you treat yourself moving forward. It’s more than just photos; it’s a journey to a better you.

Kim K Level Pampering

You’ll spend an hour and a half with our incredible professional hair and makeup artist who custom color matches your skin! This part is so much fun. Not only will you look and feel like a queen, but you’re also going to make new hype girl friends, because all we care about is making you feel confident and beautiful!

Professional Model for the Day

After you transform into a supermodel, you’ll spend 2-3 hours with our incredible photographer. No need to worry about how to pose or if you’re doing it right. We’ve got you covered. You’ll learn every posing tip in the book with constant reassurance, and we’ll always make sure that you’re photographed in a way that we would want to be photographed.

How Boudoir Changed My Entire Life

I know the transformative power of boudoir because it happened to me. Read about it here and see how boudoir photography changed my life before I even saw the photos.

The Elephant in the Room: Boudoir Photography Cost

What’s Included in the Initial Investment

Your $299 session fee includes your 4-5 hour long experience and a separate viewing party where you get another hour of Tracy hyping you up, helping you see how incredibly beautiful you really are. All photos are purchased separately.

How Much Can I Expect to Spend?

Our product offerings are completely customizable, as we have something for everyone at all different budgets. At the viewing party, the average client chooses options within the $1-2k range. We have some clients who choose to only spend the $400 minimum, and we have some clients who find themselves wanting way more!

You get to decide how many photos you love and what type of products you would like to take home as a souvenir from this incredible experience. Most of our clients want albums as albums are the most discreet way to display your boudoir photos. We also have small products like acrylic blocks, folios, small prints and accordion albums, as well as large art displays like metal and canvas wall art. Of course digital files are always an option, but all prints include a digital copy, so it’s almost always smarter to choose product!

The Value of Our Work

Many of our clients find themselves wanting far more than they originally thought not only because of the incredible quality of our work, but because we make the clients feel confident and beautiful. The way we make you feel in the studio is our top priority, and we put that same effort in no matter how much you choose to buy after you’ve experienced it. But even if you decide to invest more than the average client does, the experience and its effects are truly worth far more than any dollar amount you could ever spend with us. Oh, and we also have in-house payment plans, so we’re able to work with everyone to help them acquire everything you love from your session! Don’t worry about it at all!

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Boudoir photography cost is an investment, but it’s an investment in yourself, offering transformative benefits that far exceed the cost. Whenever you’re ready, book your Denver or St Louis boudoir session and experience this life-changing experience for yourself. You deserve it, and we can’t wait to be a part of your journey.


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